20 Jun' 16

Google Play Beta Testing Apps: How To Use It

Google Play Beta Testing Apps

Think of a racing game that you have just developed after rigorous hard work for the past couple of months. You upload it in the Google Play and wait for the user reviews. Finally, when you get the feedback, it’s full of disappointments because the users were unable to play, some found the interface disturbing and some even failed to download it. And you are left wondering, what went wrong in the development process even after the alpha testing? Google Play beta testing apps comes as a savior in such circumstances. It helps developers release an error-free app in small scale, before releasing it globally.

Benefits of Google Play Beta Testing

You can test your application based on new updates released by Google and then release it to a small user base. If the users like it then you can roll out the application, but if the users mention any problems, you can use the feedback to make the app better. The reviews can even help you to work on the next version of the app and launch it in a manner which will be widely acceptable. Moreover, if you fail to identify the bugs during the alpha testing, beta testing can help you to find them. So, Google assists you in friction-free app testing and thereby, releasing improved features in real-time.

How to Use It

You get a lot of flexibility while using this app testing tool of Google. There is no need to have a live APK for the new app beta testing. When you decide to launch the app, Google recommends a small alpha group first. Once the bugs are detected here, you can start the beta testing process. Google even lets you rollout the beta version of your app first to five percent of your total user base. If it is free from discrepancies, you can roll out to a larger percentage of your users or go for a 100 percent release. Make sure you have opted for a pre-registration campaign, which notifies the launch of your app.

Try not to overlook the Google Play beta testing apps because it helps you to understand what the users want. Want to create a personalized app for your business that your customers would love? Contact us today.

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