04 Jul' 16

How Can Google Startup Incubator Help To Develop Innovative Ideas

Google Startup Incubator

With intensifying global pursuit for business success, tech giants like Google are always busy trying to innovate nifty ideas. The huge talent pool working under their banners do their part in formulating impressive ways that assure our ascent to the future. But the question that still lingers is whether the accepted pace of improvement is enough to match the evolving demand cycle. In search of the next big thing, Google is bringing in successful startups under its parent company Alphabet. The reason behind this company acquiring frenzy is to plug new ideas in their tech grid to broadcast world/life changing solutions globally.

But apparently that is not Google’s entire plan. Deployment of Google startup incubator proves just that. This new division is dubbed as Area 120 and it is dedicated to finding innovative ideas within Google’s overly elaborate work sectors and help them to come to fruition. To Google fan boys, this new initiative may seem an upgrade of their already active 20 percent time policy. For those who are unfamiliar, Google’s 20 percent time policy is designed to let creative minds pursue innovative ideas other than the company assigned projects.

The 20 percent time policy has worked like a charm and presented unique ideas that you now know as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Transit, Google News, and AdSense. So, in all fairness, it was the right move by Google to expand this philosophy. Area 120, headed by long-time Google executives Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz, has plans to review new project plans submitted by Google’s employees or teams. After carefully vetting the ideas for legitimacy and validity, this new division will allow the employees to work on their brainchild FULL TIME! And what comes with Google’s blessings to run with the new idea? Funding obviously.

Although Google says that the reason behind this initiative is to help employees think beyond the outlined corporate job description, some believe that this move is a potential deterrent to leaving jobs in pursuit of entrepreneurial ventures. Even if there is truth to it, Google startup incubator can solve issues like financing, technical business plan development and relevant marketing plan generation that startups face. Plus, with all the resources, it is much easier for Google to peddle the new tech or business perspective to the masses with ease than other companies.

So, from the consumer perspective, we can say that Area 120 is in a position to foster new and innovative ideas that can hurry us into the future. So, stay with us and know about the great things that are coming up in this sphere.

Abhishek Bhattacharya

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