16 Jul' 15

Google Trends Dons New Design – Dishes Out Real-Time Data

google trends realtime data

With Google rolling out an all-new ‘Google Trends’, data-driven journalism and content marketing game have received a new lease of life. For years, this online search tool helped journalists, researchers, marketers and amateur trend-trackers to find out what people across the globe wanted to know in the recent past – may be yesterday, or may be even earlier.

Simply tweak the tense and you will know what makes the revamped version even better – the new Trends let you track what people are trying to know NOW!

While getting a view of what people were searching over the last 24 hours or more is helpful, it offers only a partial picture. It is precisely this gap that Google ventured to bridge through this revamp. Thanks to its new incarnation, Trends bring you minute-by-minute information based on more than 100 billion searches that take place on Google at any given month. The search engine major, a perfectionist that it is, also includes information from Google News and YouTube into Trends platform to offer a fuller view of what people want to know.

“You can argue that while various social media channels keep us constantly updated on what is going on around the world, why should one turn to Google Trends to know what is trending?” Google News Lab head Steve Grove ventured to explain.

“Social media data focuses on what people are talking about publicly. Search data goes a layer deeper than that, in some ways, to what people are really interested in. When you’re searching, you’re not really editing yourself. You find out what people are really interested in. It’s very real, very raw, very personal,” Grove was quoted saying in a recent interview with WIRED, the US-based tech magazine.

According to Grove, what people are trying to find out right at this moment is, therefore, even more powerful than what they have already did.

Google Trends results are not guided by volume (of search) alone, Grove pointed out. The tool considers surges of interest in particular topic areas, and then relates them to the amounts of interests those items usually generate. This explains why not-so-hot topics often share the limelight with burning issues at a given point of time. Had it been volume alone, you’d see the same sort of topics every day, Grove explained.

Google also said that all changes are based on feedback from renowned journalists and others from around the world.
What if you are not into academics, newspaper reporting, or marketing? What if you are not interested to amass data on key trends for analysis and insight? The all-new Google Trends home page is worth your visit – if not for anything else, but for quick rundown of the world’s interest-spikes – you never know, may be right now it is happening in your vicinity!

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