02 May' 16

Got A Start-Up? Here’s How We Can Help

Start-up Consultancy Services

Every start-up takes off with an incredibly unique idea, but to make that idea work, you need the right technology infrastructure in place. A new company’s technology needs are markedly different from those of its big brothers. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the right-fit IT solution, these businesses should opt for start-up services that are designed to address IT related challenges typically faced by new players. From building up a scalable infrastructure to managing business communication, and from setting up an efficient network environment to launching multi-channel marketing campaigns, our web services for start-ups are designed to give you a leg-up in the competitive space. Here are the seven key services we offer:

Start-up Consultancy Services on Product Design

Only game-changing products and service models can propel your venture to the right direction. No matter which sector you belong to, we offer quick solutions to your IT needs that include a detailed roadmap comprising initial conceptualization, design and development, supply chain set-up to ongoing support.


Are you unsure what hardware and software to include in your IT shopping list? Our Information Technology Architecture provides you with an all-important blueprint for planning, acquiring, upgrading and deploying IT resources throughout the organization.

Technology Selection

Your technology solution should offer you what you want – no more, no less. We offer guidance in procuring the technology that will give you the best value in the long-run in terms of both efficiency and financial gains.


Your company’s finance guys may be excellent with figures, but IT budgeting is a different ballgame altogether. Yet it is one of the most important components of the success of your start-up. We help to get it right, by aligning the IT budget with your company’s growth strategy.

Graphic Design and Wireframes

There is hardly anything else that can score over a visually appealing graphic design. Our start-up services include graphic designs that allow you to stand tall amid intense competition. Our Wireframing service, which focuses on building up the initial layout of a page without getting into design nitty-gritty, can take the pain out of the app or website development process.

Software Development

Our custom software, web application and mobile application development services are geared to risk management and seamless workflow. Our services are designed for a global clientele.

Online Customer Support

We provide the support you need to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery and non-stop business operations. Our services include:

  • Online IT support
  • Server and desktop backup
  • Hosted email and applications, and network support services
  • Data security
  • Easy data retrieval

Be rest assured that your sensitive data will always stay protected behind your own firewall.

Digital  Marketing

Our start-up marketing and branding solution helps businesses get easily found and capture maximum eyeballs. Our comprehensive solution includes search engine optimization— both organic and inorganic— and social media marketing.

Know why we understand your start-up’s requirements so well? Because we too have been in your shoes. As they say, been there, done that. And, when we offer you solutions, we directly count upon our hard-earned personal experiences. With our start-up consultancy services, we help your business take a great leap forward and seize opportunities that would otherwise go unconquered. Contact us today to veer your startup in the right direction.

Anjan Chatterjee

Senior Start-up Researcher

A passionate follower of start-up trends and an obssessive 'Game of Throne' fan, Anjan is the man we go for Start-up trends and tips.

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