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How Flat Design Can Benefit From Web Animation

flat design animation

In simple terms, ‘flat’ design gives an impression of elements lying flat on a surface as it doesn’t use 3D impressions such as glow effects and gradients. With minimalism being the talk of the town, flat design has become almost synonymous with the term ‘good design’. However, with websites increasingly embracing this ‘flat’ approach, it’s becoming harder to distinguish one brand from the other. After all, you don’t want to look similar to that of your competitors; you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t you? This is where web animation steps in. Like cheese to a burger, it spices up what is already good but needs a little garnish to zest up.

The Age of Flat Animation

A flat element that can get hugely benefited from the use of web animation is the call-to-action (CTA) buttons. As we all know, CTA buttons are key features that convert visitors into customers. If a visitor fails to recognize a flat CTA button and doesn’t click on it, your website is actually of no use. Web animation, as shown below, can add an interactive edge to a flat design while keeping the essence of minimalism intact.

animation for flat design

When it comes to animating flat design, web designers can resort to the ever-evolving world of HTML and CSS. HTML5 Canvas is a great tool that helps in creating drawings and animations on the Web. If you want flat icons to change color on hover or slightly push down, CSS Transitions will help you achieve it in a jiffy. CSS3 Keyframe, on the other hand, can aid designers in handling complex custom animation sequences.

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Why would your visitors love it?

Make no mistake; people are already in love with flat design. Web animation will just act as a dash of lime to Tequila, granting your website a creative superiority. It will add a unique feel to your site, making visitors enjoy it and keeping them engaged. Think about it; if the online menu card of a restaurant (viewed from a mobile, as shown in the picture below) integrates very simple forms of animation atop its flat appearance, don’t you think it’ll help the business stand out, make the overall surfing experience enjoyable, and increase the number of its returning customers?

gif animation for flat design

And if one website can reap this benefit, so can you. Keep things simple with flat techniques, but don’t forget to make things interesting by adding a little animation as well. However, ensure that too many animations are not happening simultaneously on the screen. The mantra is to entice the user, not overwhelm them.

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