03 Nov' 15

How Tech-Innovations Are Transforming the Enterprise Market in the Asia Pacific

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The brisk pace of tech-innovations is profoundly transforming the enterprise landscape across the Asia-Pacific. Mobility, software-defined everything (SDE), big data, sophisticated security challenges and an all-ubiquitous cloud are redefining consumer behavior, work culture, and how companies leverage and interact with technology in this always-switched-on era. Tech-innovations are driving the economies forward and creating jobs in nations across the Asia Pacific. And at this critical juncture, businesses are moving to an era of bolder convergence and heightened connectivity, led by hybrid-cloud – a cloud computing environment that merges on-premise, private, and public cloud services in a single solution.

Cloud Adoption Trend in the Asia Pacific: The Rise of Hybrid

The global research firm Frost & Sullivan predicts, “With the increasing utilization of data centers and cloud services across the Asia Pacific region, companies have gradually updated or upgraded their existing information technology (IT) systems, giving rise to the hybrid IT environment.” According to the firm, more than half of enterprises in the region are planning to move to a hybrid environment over the next 12 to 18 months.

Dell Global Technology Adoption Index revealed that nearly every IT decision maker in the region either uses or plan to use cloud solutions. With more and more organizations understanding the value of cloud technology, the IT industry is headed toward the next phase of cloud revolution, where there will be a growing demand for hybrid deployment models.

The premier market intelligence firm, International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted that 2015 will be a landmark year as far as transitioning to hybrid cloud environments is concerned. According to this US-based research firm, in 2015, a growing number of IT decision makers will invest in hybrid clouds to support their core business processes.

For organizations yet to utilize the cloud’s disruptive forces, private cloud platforms will remain the stepping stone for entering into this space.

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Other Edgy Technologies That Fare Prominently In the Organizations’ Scheme of Things

• According to the information technology research and advisory firm Gartner, Internet of Things (IoT) is the next disruptive technology that is likely to take consumer technology to a new, exciting height. According to industry experts, it is the growing adoption of cloud, big data and analytics technologies that has contributed to the proliferation of this technology that facilitates communication between Internet-connected devices.

• The field of mobility is ever expanding and the trend is here to stay. The leaders in this field focus on improving user experience across devices and make it increasingly secure.

• Another emerging technology, Software-Defined Everything (SDE) is taking the enterprise landscape by storm. This technology facilitates the creation of an environment, in which, the entire information technology is managed and controlled by intelligent software rather than by the hardware components of the infrastructure. A growing number of organizations are leveraging this technology to facilitate intelligent, real-time monitoring and managing of their cloud-based assets.

• SDE is predicted to give rise to Everything as a Service (XaaS) IT environment. This again is expected to inspire new business model innovation, ultimately transforming the entire IT industries.

• Big Data technologies are providing unique opportunities to enterprises to garner business insights, understand trends, and create value for the business.

Enterprise market in the Asia Pacific region is rapidly lapping up these emerging technologies and it seems that everyone is looking to get maximum leverage from their tech-investments. These high-paced innovations are strongly affecting the data center and cloud computing markets across the Asia Pacific, and according to Frost and Sullivan, the market is expected to grow at 33 percent annually over the next five years.

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