21 Jul' 16

How to Design a Website That Boosts Your Brand Identity

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Your company’s website design is not about just throwing a few colors, adding graphics or uploading chunks of text. The design must reflect your brand’s persona. When designing your business web pages, ensure that the colors, graphics, visuals, content and navigation are geared towards the enhancement of your brand. Your website is an essential part of your business presence, and so it must be in sync with your brand image. Here are five ways you can build a website that establishes your brand and sets it apart from the rest.

Colors and Font

The colors and fonts you use in your website must complement your brand’s persona. For example, if you own a kid’s store selling toys online, use bright shades of yellow because it evokes feelings of cheerfulness. Choose cute fonts like Gwibble, Mousie, Lego Blocks, and the likes.

High Quality Content

Make your brand look meaningful and substantial by using high-quality content. Useful and compelling content, striking photos or anything out-of-the-box will keep your visitors hooked. Provide valuable information and engage them so that they come back to your website for more information.

Meaningful Logo

Whenever you see the ‘swoosh’ logo with the words ‘Just Do It’, you know it’s Nike. Similarly, when you see three stripes forming a mountain-like structure, you immediately think of Adidas. That’s the power of great logos. It is the single most effective tool of communication that you can use to create an identity for your brand. A powerful logo design for your website should be a part and parcel of your online branding strategy. So, make it the visual synonym of your business. Make sure it’s placed on a strategic position in all the pages of your website.

Apps and Widgets

Enhance user experience with apps and widgets. Make sure that you focus on quality, and not quantity when it comes to using apps and widgets. Pick the right app that will sync with your brand’s tone and target audience.


Smart call-to-actions (CTAs) help users to interact with your site and complete their desired action. You need large, visible and clear CTAs. When you want your website visitors to take certain actions, you need to make the process easier for them. Simple. Your website will probably be the first ‘business suit’ your customers see even before they meet you. Go for the Armani quality; create something that will impress the website users and turn them into customers.

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Amar Singh

Web Design Expert

Amar loves designs, be it on the web or on the wall. He knows just the right combination of trends and technology to bring out the best from an idea.

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