23 Nov' 15

How to Improve the Security of Your Magento Store?

Magento site security

Ensuring topnotch e-commerce website security is crucial because these sites keep records of sensitive customer details such as credit card and personal information. Data theft not only leads to huge financial loss, but can also badly impact your brand reputation. As a store-owner, it is your responsibility to improve your store’s security. Here are some ways to do that:

1. Customize the Admin Path

An easy to guess admin path such as sitename.com/store/admin can make it incredibly easy for hackers to navigate to your admin page and hack your username and password. However, Magento helps overcome this challenge by allowing you to change its admin login URL. For example, instead of always having the login page at sitename.com/store/admin, you can change it to something that is not easy to guess, such as sitename.com/store/25#kst14X. This small step can help you nip any hacking attempts in the bud.

2. Be Password-Wise

• Use long, complex and 100 percent unique Magento Admin password
• Do not use your Magento credentials for any other account
• Don’t save your password on your computer or any other devices
• Change passwords before and after working with outside developers
• Apply an added security layer with two-factor authentication

3. Close Email Loopholes

Refrain from using preconfigured email format generated at your store domain such as xyz@storename.com for admin login. There are various ways to hack company emails. By cracking it, they will go straight to your Magento admin panel and send a ‘reset password’ request. The rest is easy – a click on reset mail, changing of the admin password and they have got the full control over your store. Use only unique email address which is not publicly known, and protect it with two-factor authentication.

4. Use the Latest Magento Version

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Through its subsequent editions, Magento fixes security issues of the previous ones. Be sure to implement the latest stable version as soon as possible in order to enhance Magento site security.

5. Enable Encrypted Connection with SSL/HTTPS

Set up HTTPS/SSL in every login page to send your data over a secure, encrypted connection. This minimizes the risk of your vital data falling in wrong hands. SSL/HTTPS encryption makes your site PCI-compliant, which also helps increase your store’s credibility.

6. Say No to Shared, Dime-A-Dozen Hosting Plans

Invest in a sound hosting plan that offers robust security by frequently updating security patches at the server-level. You can choose among Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, dedicated server hosting and cloud hosting plans for better magento security and control over your Magento site.

7. Rope in a Professional Security Reviewer

Get your website analyzed for apparent security loopholes once a year. While choosing between Magento security services provider, rope in a trusted name. Efficient reviews help reinforce your site’s defense mechanism.

8. Disabling Directory Indexing

It is easy to access a website’s URL through directory listing and find out the structures and locations of all its files. This increases your site’s susceptibility to security attacks. Disabling directory indexing will help you hide your file-storage pathways. Not knowing what files are stored in a particular folder will make it difficult for potential hackers to explore the vulnerabilities in your site.

9. Keep Anti-Virus Software Up-To-Date

Install commercial grade anti-virus software to prevent viruses and Trojans from stealing sensitive store-related information from your laptop or PC.

10. Take Backup Regularly

Take regular backup of your website data and store them in a secure server. Make sure to use a different server from the one in which your Magento store is hosted.

These are some of the few ways you can try to minimize your site’s vulnerability to hacking attacks. If you want to give your ecommerce site a bulletproof security, our Magento developers can help. Contact us here.

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