22 Jan' 15

How to Turn WordPress Category Pages into a Landing Page

Wordpress landing page

Have you ever considered making the category pages of your website more interesting, may be with a new look or more functionalities? As against popular perception, these pages that contain the links to different sections of a website need not essentially be drab and boring. One way to achieve this is to turn it into a landing page.

In the world of Internet marketing, landing page refers to a specific web page through which a visitor enters the website after clicking on paid advertisements on Google, Facebook or other social media ads. As opposed to homepages that are created to provide a variety of information, landing pages are built with a single purpose goal – conversion that turns visitors into buyers. Thanks to its conversion-focused goal, landing pages, if executed properly, can play a crucial role in boosting sales. WordPress category pages can be a great way to compel visitors to stay on your sites.

WordPress to aid

Turning your WordPress category page into a landing page is not difficult as long as you know the right tricks. There are two parts to it – use the right WordPress plugins and work on the design elements.

Start with the basic one, the plugins. They will facilitate the makeover sans coding. You can start with the freebies – WordPress SEO by Yoast and Rich Text Tags.

Wordpress plugin yoast
Yoast- SEO plugin

Coming complete with a navigation aid Breadcrumbs functionality, the first plugin enables the search engines to better understand the structure and contents of your website. http://viagrabuynow.com/ Along with this one, you also have to turn on the non-index subpages of the Archives.

The second plugin will let you edit tag descriptions, category descriptions and taxonomy descriptions. It also helps to ensure that no HTML tag gets striped by WordPress.

In addition, make use of drag-and-drop theme builder to customize background images, text etc. Divi, Strata, Enfold, Themify Builder and Beaver Builder are the best of what are currently available in the market. Alternatively, you can also build custom page template.

Design matters

Make sure to incorporate the following design elements to compel visitors to directly take note of the copy:

• Give the page a minimalist, uncluttered look
• Avoid using sidebars and footer
• Crop the size of the header to minimum
• Use only an un-clickable logo
• Make use of clear images
• Use un-clickable logo
• Give the Page a different look from the other pages of your website

WordPress category pages can be a great way to compel visitors to stay on your sites. Empower yourself with the above tips to create a custom WordPress landing page that looks great and converts well – all without undergoing the hassles to learn coding ABCs. Now, get set to land!

Atanu Nandi

Associate- WordPress Projects

Atanu Nandi is a Senior WordPress Associate with Code{ur}idea. He loves keeping up with the trends and new WordPress releases.