02 Jul' 15

Hybrid Mobile App – Why is it perfect for your business?

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The recent explosion of mobile device sales and the steady advent of Build Your Own Device (BYOD) practices have made mobile app developers work harder to provide features that were just a dream a couple of years back in the mobile app market. In fact, according to statistics evaluation portal Statista, the stupendous popularity of mobile apps will hit an estimated 270 billion downloads in 2017. With more and more people relying on smartphones and tablets these days, app developers have focused on creating Hybrid mobile apps to bring the best features of both web and Native apps.

Why Hybrid?

Like web apps, Hybrid mobile apps have cross-platform portability and require a low amount of development cost. On the other hand, these apps also retain similar levels of performance and functionality as their Native counterparts. Based on Gartner’s 2013 Mobile and Wireless Predictions, more than 50 percent of apps will be Hybrid by 2016. It is, therefore, most viable for businesses to opt for a Hybrid solution in order to have a long-term impact on their target audience.

A Hybrid mobile app, however, is much more than just a cost effective and user-friendly interface. If a business is keen to develop a Hybrid app, it must be aware of all the benefits that come along with their choice. Following are five big reasons to consider a Hybrid mobile app as a perfect solution for the mobile marketing campaign of your business:

Integration with Other Apps

With the help of an overlay or a wrapper, a Hybrid mobile app uses other apps installed in a mobile device. Just like a Native mobile app, this app integrates messaging, contacts, camera, GPS and other device information in order to offer an enhanced service to users.

Available in App Stores

How will customers find an app if it is not available in the app stores? These are the go-to places when someone wants to surf through app listings and download the most preferred ones. If a business launches a Hybrid mobile app, it is super easy to find a place in app stores.

Top-notch Speed

A Hybrid mobile app is part-Native and part-web in nature. As a result, its speed is slower than Native apps but considerably higher than web apps. Yes, it is true that it will not work as fast as the Native ones, but a Hybrid app will remain fast unless it involves heavy graphic elements.

Works Offline

A Hybrid app uses the Application Program Interface (API) of a mobile device in order to store some data offline. This means that a user can access essential features of the app even with a poor Internet connection or low remaining data.

High-end User Experience

We all know how different a website looks when viewed from different desktop browsers, don’t we? Mobile app users are an impatient lot, and any kind of discrepancy will end up hurting the brand value. Acting as a perfect solution, a Hybrid mobile app remains standard throughout and adapts to individual mobile devices, thus keeping the UX at an all-time high.

Have you already watched Jurassic World? Indominus Rex, the latest attraction of the theme park, is a hybrid dinosaur that gained its monstrosity from the T-Rex and its cunningness from the Velociraptor. And its threat is so massive that the T-Rex and Velociraptor working together find it extremely tough to keep the beast down. Walking on the same line, you can well comprehend how massive a Hybrid mobile app (with the best features of both web and Native apps) can become with the target audience, if marketed via the right channels.

Stay prepared for the future. Go for a Hybrid mobile app and open up a new frontier!

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