17 Jul' 15

iOS 8.4 On iPhone 6: What New Are We Getting?

iOS 8.4

Apple unveiled the new iOS 8.4 on June 30, 2015… and thankfully, the primary focus of the update has been on the much-anticipated on-demand music streaming service – Apple Music. As digital music consumption has started to get more dependent on streaming than downloading, the late Steve Jobs envisioned tech giant informed that it was becoming needless to retain the traditional iTunes model anymore. On the other hand, the functioning of the core apps is also quite smooth, post the update, while, as a welcome relief, the battery life has not been impacted.

iOS 8.4 on iPhone 6


What happens when two of the latest products from the Apple house combine? The reviews of numerous iPhone 6 users who have already gone with the iOS 8.4 update reveal that the installation process was pretty satisfying. Although the file size is large (222 MB), the installation does not take more than 30 minutes with a good Wi-Fi connection. If you run into a problem during installation, you can also perform a reset (by holding down the home and power button for 10 seconds). The apps along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality are working great, too.

Battery life

The battery life has always been an issue after any new iOS update. However, the issue gets automatically resolved once an update gets some time to settle down. It’s the same case with iOS 8.4; so don’t panic if your battery life is draining a little faster than usual. Things will come back to normal pretty soon!


There is no major bug or issue in the update. In fact, to our great relief, iOS 8.4 is not affecting the speed of iPhone 6. Cydia, the app that allows Apple users to install software packages on jailbroken iOS devices, has been performing a lot better than before. Reports also claim than it is taking lesser time to scan fingerprints via Touch ID.

The highlight — Apple Music

iOS 8.4 is available as an over-the-top (OTP) update starting from iPhone 4S, iPad 2, fifth-generation iPod Touch to the newer models. Apple Music will now automatically replace iTunes as the default music app. Wondering what will happen to the songs you’ve stored in iTunes? Apple will not completely remove the functionality of the old app; rather, it will send it to the last tab in the Apple Music app, titled, My Music.

The new Apple Music streaming service is created to take on Pandora, Spotify and similar service providers. It will allow a user to listen to unlimited music at $9.99 (Rs 632 approx) per month, and up to six listeners at $14.99 (Rs 950 approx) per month as part of a family plan. Along with the app, the company has launched its first 24-hour global radio station – Beats 1 – available for free, and broadcasts live in over a hundred countries including US, UK and India to name a few. Beats 1 will not only focus on playing songs, but also host exclusive interviews, and keep users updated on the latest music trends. Apple Music Connect, the new social platform that connects artists with the fans, has also been integrated into the app. Through this app, Apple hopes to help newbie artists promote their music and connect with a larger listener base.

As a minor change, the audiobooks on the old music app will get automatically relocated to the iBooks app.

Should you go for the update right away?

We suggest you to hold on for some more time. As the development team is still running a series of tests on iOS 8.4, chances of detecting a problem is high so it makes sense to wait for a week more in order to get the update totally ready.

Overall, iOS 8.4 is an awesome update with a revolutionary step towards music streaming. If you want to take your iPhone 6 experience to a whole new level, it’s definitely a must-try.


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