16 May' 16

Best Features Of IOS Mobile Apps 9.3 Updates

ios mobile apps 9.3 updates

The new iOS update 9.3.2 is out and reviews are coming in with a warmer response than the previous updates (9.1, 9.2, and even 9.3.1) had ever received.  Although, Apple took a considerable time to develop something smarter and likable than previous updates, its 9.3.1 update went belly-up as soon as it hit the market. After going on record confirming a security breach issue brought on by (9.3.1) the said iOS version, Apple doled out a new operating system to keep the fan boys calm. After having such a bumpy ride, finally the new update has brought some pretty sleek gifts for us. Let us see what these features are.

Security for Notes

It was obvious that this new update would have something for security lovers since the last update put the users’ personal data at risk. Those who use the note app in iOS are in for a treat, as now pass code encryption and fingerprint security would be keeping all your sensitive information (to-do lists, log in data, account details) safe.

Night Light for Eye Health

Doctors say that blue hue that comes from smart phone screen can reduce melatonin generation in the body, which in turn can disturb sleep cycles. It seems, the new iOS mobile apps 9.3 updates has been listening since it is offering warmer colors and dimmer tones to make night-time smart phone usage less harmful. Plus, this new screen is said to be capable of restoring your natural sleep cycles, aiding health improvement while looking cool.

Personalized News App

Like to stay updated about current affairs? Or maybe you are fan of adventure journalism? Whatever your choice may be, with this new iOS update, it is easy to personalize your news board. From editors and trending topics to news on subjects, iOS offers a huge collection for you to pick what you love the most.

Health App

iOS has also focused on making the health app more efficient. The new interface is more feathery (has multiple modules) and you can easily add options like weights, sleep, workout and more to the dashboard. You can also pull the data from the health app to your Apple watch to follow your diet and exercise plans by heart.

Although most iOS lovers make big fat demands from Apple, the tech leader has never complained. And the latest iOS mobile apps 9.3 updates proves that the future app development upgrades are going to be closer to our heart, simplifying life and encouraging creativity. And we certainly are waiting for that!


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