21 Aug' 15

Is C# here to stay for .NET?

C# and dot net

If you thought C# has been around for far too long and that it must have lost its luster over these years, you are probably wrong. Whoever wishes to develop for the Microsoft ecosystem needs to use C# as a primary language.

C# helps developers optimize everything that is Microsoft-related, be it building web apps using .NET or Azure, or be it designing mobile applications for Windows devices. C# is also one of the more popular languages to develop games, such as the Unity game development engine. It is also approved by Ecma as a standard.

A number of professional programmers list C# as one of the top programming languages to learn today. According to CodeEval, it was the sixth most popular coding language in 2014. Mashable, the venerable technology magazine, listed C# as the third most popular language to learn in 2015. Clearly, C# is growing in popularity or so it seems.

Isn’t Windows Mobile losing its popularity?

When it comes to mobile operating systems, Microsoft is slowly losing its ground to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms. With this in mind, it might sound counterintuitive to learn C# when there aren’t going to be many people who will use Microsoft-enabled mobile devices.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently spoke to a ZDNet journalist and discussed how Microsoft still runs Windows on more than a billion desktops. He agreed that Microsoft owns only 3% of the mobile market and that he understands the concerns about developing for the Windows Mobile platform. According to Nadella, Windows 10 will feature Universal Windows apps.

Universal Windows apps are built using the .NET framework and will require C# to be used. The new model helps developers to create apps for the desktop, which will also be available on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and consoles like Xbox. Understandably, C# is going to remain important even if Windows Mobile is not popular anymore.

.NET is coming to Apple and Google platforms, too

Just when you thought .NET was limited to Microsoft platform alone, it is being introduced on Apple and Google platforms as well. It can be used with a number of programming languages so that multi-platform apps can be built easily. Since C# is built within Microsoft’s .NET initiative , it is going to remain an important programming language for all applications that use .NET, regardless of which platform it is going to be used on.
Microsoft has recently begun to introduce many of its cloud-enabled services on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. Knowing C# helps to develop applications that are compatible on all these different operating systems.

C# is here to stay

C# is the most important programming language within the .NET initiative and will remain a necessary component of developing for Microsoft-enabled cloud, web or mobile apps. With all these factors in mind, it only makes sense for developers to pay closer attention to C# even though it has been around for a long time.

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