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Is your E-commerce Website doing enough for your business?

E-commerce Website

Anybody can get an e-commerce portal built, but that doesn’t ensure revenue. The main task is to drive in traffic, and generate leads. Globally, B2C e-commerce sale is expected to hit 2.356 trillion dollars by 2018, and if you feel your e-commerce website isn’t doing much for you to be able to grab a part of that pie, it’s certainly time to buckle up. Recognize the flaws, get them fixed and you will see the cash registers ringing.

In order to reinvent your virtual store, find out the answers to the following five questions and boost your bottom line:

Is my presence a tad vague?

In your chase to prep up your product range, have you overlooked your ‘About Us’ page, thus leaving prospective buyers in the lurch about your credibility? When putting in their hard-earned money, especially for an online purchase, everybody seeks trust. If you haven’t been getting enough conversions, of late, it could be because you have not been able to establish your reliability due to the absence of proper background information about your business. It could be anything, right from your location and contact info to your brand story. Ditch that generic ID, in case you’re using one, and immediately set up a professional domain name (youbrandname.com) to reinforce your brand identity.

Ecommerce website marketing
Does the About Us page on your website say enough?

Am I social enough?

You might have been an introvert in school but you can’t afford to be a shy seller now. In today’s age of smartphones and social banter, nothing can prove more transformational than going ballistic at social networking sites. From Facebook to Twitter, Pintrest to Instagram, spread your wings everywhere and make your presence felt. From integrating social media buttons on your site to being active on these platforms, talking about your offerings 24×7, you’ve got to be THERE to draw the attention of your target audience. Get popular by announcing freebies on social sites. For instance, if you deal with a hair styling gel, post a photo collage on a photo-sharing platform of a ‘how-to’ for different quirky hairstyles that can be done with this gel. It will automatically get viewers hooked on to your post, eventually leading to your website. Don’t shy away from asking your friends, family, employees or acquaintances to share your post.

ecommerce social media marketing Integrate social media buttons

Am I even visible?

Well, you might have armed yourself with search engine optimization (SEO) but have you made sure that your digital marketing partner is doing it the right way for you to be visible enough? SEO strategies can account for the bulk of your traffic if only implemented the correct way else there is every chance that you will irk Google. For instance, if your SEO partner is not updated about the algorithm updates or the latest mobile-friendly or responsive norms, there’s every possibility for you to be thrown off top searches, and be lost into depths of nowhere. To get a great SEO program in place, apart from sticking by the rules, create some linkable content on your e-commerce website, generate guest posts and get active across online industry forums.

twitter marketing

The right way to tweet!

Only biased reviews, eh?

Talking of customer reviews, if you thought that allowing only positive reviews on your site will get you the business, you certainly need to wake up and smell the coffee. Don’t expect customers to be dumb. They are more likely to smell rat if your website is loaded only with lopsided reviews. Balance is the key so a few comments from displeased customers will only show that you are human, and most importantly, honest. Of course, don’t be foolish enough to not give your own explanation against those reviews to aggrieved customers.

review management services
Reviews get your e-commerce site going

Is my payment process complicated?

There is every possibility that your e-commerce website is not getting enough business because you have a complicated payment process, which is tiring out customers, and hence taking them away. Your answer lies in going 1-click – the technique that stores customer history including preferred mode of payment, shipping address etc and lets buyers purchase stuff over a single click. Get this process in place and notice the increased traffic, especially from buyers on the go. Implement the same for returns and refunds.

payment gateway integration

Is your payment procedure user-friendly?

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