11 Apr' 16

Magento for e-Commerce Start-Up- Why?

Magento for ecommerce startup

Do you know what is the first ever purchase in the history of e-commerce? It was neither a denim nor a book, but a pizza from Pizza Hut in 1994. Interesting, isn’t it? The world of online shopping took its baby steps delivering one of the four necessities of life. And today, you can even purchase a car or a house from an online store.

Virtual shopping has turned into a multibillion-dollar revenue stream and by 2017 it will be a $370 billion business. So being a part of this vibrant market is definitely promising for the emerging e-commerce companies. But the question is, what will be the ideal software for the website? It can be a daunting task, especially when the options are plenty. If you are looking for something robust, consider Magento for e-commerce start-up business.

Are You Still Wondering Why?

If you want your shopping website to handle 50,000+ users, 100,000 of products and 1000 Categories, then Magento is your love. The user-friendly interface and flexible properties in this software have been successful in making it popular in a very short span of time. Whether it is a subscription-based website or an e-learning site, Magento can handle them all. Moreover, some of the leading brands like Samsung, Ford, and Olympus also use this e-commerce platform. Therefore, ‘Magento for e-commerce start-up only’ is an understatement because this is also a platform to create mega-sized global store.

Are You Worried about the Cost?

With so much of scalability, you may think that Magento is definitely expensive! Thankfully, there is still some truth in the saying that the best things in life are FREE. Although Magento doesn’t fit into the ABSOLUTELY FREE category, it is an open source platform, which means lots of flexibility. But if you are ready to pay, go for the premium version. Its Community Edition with an array of features like code level access to files, web services API that help to connect other system, HTML5 and more can really make Magento the perfect e-Commerce solution for startup. You can take full control of the online channel, customizing the features and functionalities.

Are You Thinking about Customer Experience?

From setting the yardstick of website functionality to marketing its capabilities, Magento offers excellent shopping experience. It even allows you to choose the buyers based on his or her country. You can even cross promote and upsell items from you inventory. Customers can get a better view of every product using zooming features, images and product reviews. Magento helps consumers gain more confidence on your online products.

Statistics says that there are more than 5000 downloads of Magento every day. So selecting this e-commerce platform for startups is a good decision because there will be a time when your online business will grow and you will think of redesigning it. Magento will still be at your side, helping you to march ahead with its amazing features.

So, are you ready to give your startup the Magento boost? Let us help you out with Magento web development.

Sougat Hajra

Global Delivery Manager

Sougat is the Global Delivery Manager with Code{UR}Idea. He is an expert with e-Commerce- development, deployment and design.

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