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Mobile Apps Development Services

According to Statista, a data evaluation portal, the expected number of worldwide app downloads is estimated to reach over 268 billion in 2017. With increasing number of businesses adopting the ‘mobile’ way of functioning, will it not be foolish to miss this winning chance?

Your business at fingertips

Want a mobile app that separates you from the crowd? Code{UR}Idea, a mobile apps development services company in India, is always there to offer you a helping hand. We have some of the most creatively gifted app developers spearheading the team from the front. Be it iOS development or Android development, we guarantee that the app will give your users something exclusive and effective, while retaining your brand power intact.

We are the all-rounders

Baffled with the battle of hybrid VS native mobile apps? Or maybe, confused about the security add-on layers? Contact us and we’ll make everything clear before proceeding with your dream. Our tech-savvy and well-seasoned team of mobile app developers have immense experience in working with a variety of frameworks and platforms. We take pride in developing apps using some of the safest and advanced Cloud services such as Amazon S3, Azure, Rackspace, iCloud, and Dropbox. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list of priorities, and we outdo our peers in meeting expectations exactly on time, thus solidifying our place as a leading mobile development company in India.

Coding your success stories-one idea at a time

We’re quite good at what we do. You’re about to find out!

  • Digital Marketing

    If your clients aren’t aware of your brand, you aren’t marketing it well. We strategize your online marketing campaigns and help you to build your brand identity.

  • Mobile App

    Interactive mobile apps for all the major platforms- we offer you the best of mobile technology tailored perfectly to your requirement.

  • Application Development

    Whether you want us to build it from scratch or just tweak the existing one, when it comes to app development, we know exactly what you need!

  • CMS

    Be a part of the open source revolution- the world of free and secure technology. We build scalable, robust open source projects that continue to evolve and innovate with

  • Web Development

    We firmly believe that a website ain’t of any use if it’s not user-friendly. Our websites that are the perfect blend of creativity, technology and usability.

  • Graphic Design

    The right design can convey the essence of your brand exactly the way you want. Or even better! Have an idea? Let’s talk..

Our past clients love our work. This is because we believe in building long-term relationships by following the best approaches and practices, maintaining a level of transparency all the time.