22 Apr' 16

Multi-Channel Marketing – Challenges And Solution

Multi Channel Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days when online marketing services revolved around the web and email marketing. Today, you’ve more channels to reach out to your audience such as the digital TV, internet radio, re-marketing, social networking platforms and native ads. However, you need to have a rock-solid multi-channel marketing strategy in place to overcome the challenges so that your brand’s presence is strongly felt across the channels. As per the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 425 million devices are connected to the web in American homes. Though this makes your marketing strategy easier to implement, it poses a few challenges.

The Challenges

  • Since your prospects are online most of the time, as a marketer you can’t afford to delay the communication. Respond to your customers on time.
  • Though analytics can be put to good use, you’ve to reach beyond just your customers’ name. Factor in things like their preferred products, online behavior and engagement history to place your customers accordingly.
  • Marketers need to connect with their prospects through their preferred channel and at their preferred time.

So, how do you wish to overcome these challenges? Pick Out Relevant Channels

Monitor the different channels to ascertain which gives you the best leads at the minimum cost. Look into things like how simply you can convey your brand’s message to your prospects, what’s the cost of delivering the message and what are the possibilities of your customers buying from you using the channel.

Take a Unified Approach

The key to the success of your multi-channel marketing strategy is adopting a unified approach. Look at how the technology giant Apple leverages its multi-channel marketing strategy and keeps the excitement alive.

Collaborate with the Right Vendors

When it comes to online marketing services today, you need to switch from the one-size fits all strategy to a more innovative approach. Which vendors you’ll work with primarily depends on how well you incorporate customer information and employ artificial intelligence and human ingenuity to manage multi-channel marketing.

Avoid Wasting Money on Weak Campaigns

It’s no use spending your marketing dollars on campaigns that give you unsatisfactory results. So, gauge the performance indicators and zero in on targets that work for your brand. Make sure that you use your resources to leverage the channel that offers a smooth and flawless customer experience.

Want further information on how to embrace a consistent and collaborative approach to reach out to your customers on time? We can show you the way.

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