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digital marketing for startup

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about selling things; it’s about finding innovative business models to improve lifestyle and creating job opportunities in an economy. It is all about reinventing the wheel. The capitalist school of economists holds that socio-economic development is the result of innovation and it is the entrepreneurs, who lead the innovation in any society through their enterprising activities. Societies, therefore, must encourage entrepreneurial activities to facilitate overall economic development. This calls for the emergence of new enabling mechanisms that can supply the means, knowledge, or opportunity to help novel business models to flourish. Search engine technology and the way people use it has not only revolutionized the business landscape in the 21st century, but also emerged as an important enabler for start-ups and small ventures daring to dream big.

Today’s Start-Up Is Tomorrow’s Billion Dollar Brand, Thanks To Innovative Marketing

Thousands of new businesses are started in the U.S. every month. The 2015 Kauffman index shows that 310 out of 100,000 adults, or 0.31percent of the US population started new businesses each month, which translates into just over half a million (530,000) new business owners a month. Digital marketing for start-ups is steadily becoming an integral part of these companies’ advertising budget every year.

Ambitious entrepreneurs with great ideas turn their understanding of a common problem within a market into a new business model, providing a new innovative product or service solution – and start-up digital marketing offers the right boost to their ventures. Think of Airbnb, Groupon, Uber –all of them reportedly injected creative online marketing into their growth strategy to crack the startup race.

Follow the Footsteps of Smartest Founders; Garner Growth with the Right Marketing Strategy

A well-planned digital marketing strategy for start-ups not only helps grow the brand rapidly and globally, it is also more cost effective than traditional advertising and easily measurable. In addition to cool ideas, big dreams, courage to tread the uncharted waters and a financially sound venture partner, it is critical for an entrepreneur to adopt some brilliant strategies for digital marketing for startups. No wonder companies are continuously striving to work out the ideal marketing mix combining a plethora of online tools ranging from web-sites, blogs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), online ads, email marketing, online press release (PR) to the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you want to build your digital marketing plan from scratch, we have just the right team in place to help you out. Get in touch with us to get a leg up in the competition.

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