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No-fuss content, the secret of online ad success

How to create the perfect ad content

There has been a lot of buzz over a recent ad age report suggesting that firms are taking break from online ads, but beware. Not giving ads online can bring down your SEO ranking significantly. Search engine specialists have enough evidence that paid advertising boosts organic ranking. A better way to deal with the scenario when you are planning to hold back your online advertising is to refresh your old ad content and add something new and interesting to your website and social media sites including , LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In a nutshell, focus on your content to grab eyeballs.

Customers’ experience with a product or brand begins the moment they engage with its content — be it a print or an online advertisement, a video or a product banner. Good content is the key to drive business. If your ad content fails to connect with your potential customers or convince them about how your product or service fits in their lives, your ad is as good as junk.

How to write content for ads

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Have a look at some key points that will help you choose the right content for your ads.

 Advertising content needs to be relevant and useful if you want to catch the attention of your target audience. Every bit of your ad content must have a purpose with a user takeaway.

how to write text for adwords

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 There is no captive audience online. Everyone surfing the internet has billions of choices on what they are viewing, and they don’t want to see intrusive or annoying ads. Do not force feed your target group. They will ignore your ads, block them or go elsewhere.

 Your content must not miss key data, especially numbers or email IDs if you want to portray yourself as just being a call or mail away. Remember to present such info in simple and readable format. Spread out your ad content into sections to enable your audience to pick and read what they want to, and not everything that you want them to read. Being ambitious is good but being over ambitious will kill your purpose.

how to create ads for adwords

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Face them, ‘head’ on

A hard-hitting headline is the first step to create immediate attention. While content is one of the crucial elements of internet marketing, being able to generate a great response is an art form. The headline is actually the most vital part of your post and it is what decides the success and failure of your ad. Be direct enough to seduce your customers to click your ad at the first glance.

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