12 Nov' 15

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: The Need for Custom Web Development

custom web design

Whether you own a street-side café, a wine delivery shop, a health center or a large departmental store, a website is the lifeline of every business. Some business owners opt for pre-designed templates as a cost-effective alternative to building their websites. A free template may seem tempting, but how feasible is this option in the future? Free templates will give you limited features. A template which looks good for an online pizza store may not be a perfect match for a grocery shop. Custom web development, on the contrary, will help you add new features to your website. You’ll be able to make upgrades in the long-term, if necessary. The new upgrades are essential to enhance user experience as your customers buy your products or avail your services. Here are the four most important benefits of custom web development:

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1. Search Engine and Visitor Friendly

Website architecture, navigation tools, layout, presentation and coding are essential factors that affect the performance of your website on major search engines. Certified and experienced web developers know about these parameters. They develop your site accordingly to make it SEO and user friendly. Pre-defined templates lack certain technical features which are imperative for your website’s optimal performance.

2. Makes Your Website Versatile

Every business is different from the other. How you present your website and its products to your audience creates an impression in their minds. They have a visual perception about your brand. Apart from the design, every site owner has his own way of presenting the different components of his website. It may be the navigation menus, online chat support tool or call-to-actions. If you wish to integrate these elements into your online store, hire web developers with experience in building customized websites.

3. Little or No Hassles with Upgrades

A custom website has to conform to a host of features and meet specific technical standards to meet present and future business requirements. If there are any issues pertaining to adaptability, you’ll get it resolved with little or no hassle. A pre-designed template may not leave room for upgrades. However, with custom features, you can introduce new elements in keeping with the changing trends and technology.

4. Gives You Full Control

Customized features give you complete control over your website. Whether you want to incorporate additional product pages to it, integrate more social media buttons or add a custom landing page to promote new products or services, you have the power. With free templates, you need to spend hours for making simple updates. It’s true that you cannot expect much from a free service. These services that apparently save you money will cost you time and resource.

Custom features help in making your business website more adaptable, dynamic and flexible to changing business and technological requirements. It makes your web pages extremely user friendly. If you need any assistance with custom web development, contact us here.

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Project Manager

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