15 Jun' 16

Open Source Development – Growth And Concern


Back in 1998, only 19 percent of the organizations were using open source software. The story has had many twists and turns, as Gartner found that by 2011, more than 50 percent of enterprises have started using the software. This clearly indicates how important open source software is for companies who are ambitious and have planned to influence various sectors of software ecosystems. Open source development software will continue to evolve because it is created by an army of developers to meet solutions for specific business needs.

So, what’s the beauty of an open source development software?

The source code can be modified and shared because its design is publicly accessible. That’s what puts the ‘open source’ in its name. The funny part though is most of the computer users have never seen this software because it is the playground of the developers. The programmers who have an access to a computer program’s source code can improve upon it by adding features and fixing the problem areas.

Reasons for its Wide Acceptance

The deployment of open source solutions will grow in the mainstream IT organizations for the following reasons:

  • It gives greater freedom of operation, and the organizations do not have to depend on any particular software vendor and its internal processes. Businesses can simply adjust their programs as per the future needs. This even speeds up the development cycle, reducing a product’s time to market.
  • As it is available free of cost, open source saves businesses $60 billion a year. Moreover, because of its evolving nature, organizations get better quality. This means more bug-free programs and that too at no extra cost. .
  • Open source software is customizable and you can modify or change it, which is not possible in “proprietary software” or “closed source” software.

Concerns of the Software

Despite its incredibly powerful features, there are certain areas of open source development that are a matter of concern.

  • Since a large number of developers are working on the source code, this gives access to ‘malicious users’ who may want to exploit its vulnerabilities. In order to deal with this issue, establishing a standard for code submissions is necessary.
  • Though the term ‘free’ is used, there may still be some indirect costs involved.
  • In case there is a problem, the chance of getting support is less because one has to depend on a community of developers to respond and fix the problems.

Though there are challenges, some of the major companies like Facebook and Google are still using the open source development software. So, if you want some helping hand at the source code level, our developers are here. Contact us to know more!

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