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Collaboration outsourcing

Right from the 1990s, enterprises have moved maintenance and application development tasks to countries with cheap labor costs. This is known as off-shoring or more popularly, outsourcing. Though cost management has been the main focus of businesses, the market has evolved over the years and cost-cutting initiatives, though important, no longer offer strategic benefits to companies and provide very little in terms of competitive advantage. This is the reason outsourcing is outdated, and it’s all about collaboration now.

Collaboration and Collaborative Sourcing

Collaboration is the collective effort of work groups or several individuals to achieve a task or deliver a project. The capability to collaborate and communicate has now become extremely important for enterprises. As far as collaboration is concerned, it signifies the use of a collaborative platform and the right collaboration tools.

Collaborative sourcing refers to an innovative delivery framework that facilitates continuous development and upkeep of a company’s application portfolio. This framework drives innovation and emphasizes on the clients’ time-to-value by implementing collaborative practices to improve business functionality and productivity. The critical aspect of collaborative sourcing is that it helps businesses compete on time.

Collaboration Tools to Keep Communication Smooth

Businesses embracing collaborative sourcing employ an array of tools to improve the communication process within the organization and with that of clients. Some of the commonly used tools include:

  • Skype: It’s used for sending files, images, instant messaging, business calls and group video calls.
  • GoToMeeting: Video conferencing, video chats, voice recording and screen share for real-time communication.
  • Active Collab: It’s an all-encompassing tool for project management, billing and team collaboration.These collaborative outsourcing tools offer businesses the right infrastructure to allow real-time collaboration and maximum transparency to measure performance.

A Perfect Transformational Approach

Collaborative sourcing is the right transformational approach for a company’s applications development and its effective maintenance. Besides ensuring fast global delivery and enabling cost reductions, it creates the right mechanism to speed up time-to-value.

Collaborative sourcing not only focuses on cost reductions, but also employs the resources and capabilities to add more value to businesses through result-oriented measurement processes and faster time-to-value. If you have more questions on collaboration, contact us now. Mail us at info@codeuridea.com.

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