01 Jun' 16

What Is Open Source? How Can PHP Open Source Development Tools Help You?

PHP Open Source Development Tools

When the code that binds an application into an organized structure is made accessible to the programmers, it is considered as an open source software. Not just accessing, programmers can make changes to this code for improving its design, function and everything else. Users generally never get in touch with the coding interface. But when you are trying to create the perfect application, having access to the genetic level data of a system can come handy. However, even with the source code in hand, there are still millions of data strands and snippets to comb through to find or change something. That seems quite a job! But, with PHP open source development tools, programmers can streamline tasks and get the best results. Let us shed a bit more light on this subject and find out how these development tools can help programmers.

Effortless Debugging

There is nothing more frustrating than searching for bugs in a coding structure, stretching page after page. It is time consuming, but cannot be avoided unless it is okay with you to compromise the whole program you just developed. PHP debugging tools can help in these situations by tracking down syntax and logical errors quickly. Whether you are looking for a local or a remote debugging, PHP tools like PHP_Dyn, Gubed PHP Debugger, PHP_Debug and Xdebug can help you make your programs run without glitches.

Careful Testing

Testing is the successor of development. You cannot just go ahead and make your new application or program available without properly testing it. Testing processes measure stability, compatibility, scalability, and efficiency of the programs. Without this information, making the next version of your program or solving its operational problems would be almost impossible. PHP tools for testing and optimization like SimpleTest, PHP_CodeSniffer and PHP Profile Class are fairly capable of running tests to identify issues and check performance level.

Customized Security

PHP open source development tools like Scavenger, PHP-IDS and Pixy can offer standard vulnerability assessment, and suggestions to resolve the matter. It also keeps record of everything important for future reference. These security measures can also protect the program from Spam by putting up CAPTCHA codes and images.

That’s not all, there are code beautifiers, version controllers, image manipulators and many more PHP open source development tools that can help programmers get better results faster in PHP. Have more questions? Contact us and let us help you out with your coding problems.

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