03 Jul' 15

PM Modi takes India on a Digital High

Digital India Project

“I dream of a Digital India where 1.2 billion connected Indians drive the nation. I dream of a Digital India where government is open and governance is transparent.” – Mr. Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

If you thought that Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi’s web dreams were only limited to his activities on Twitter, you surely don’t know it all. If his latest campaign — The Digital India — is anything to go by, looks like the net-savvy PM of the world’s largest democracy is all set to take India on a digital high! Aiming to reform the South Asian sub-continent’s governance with a chic dose of technology, PM Modi on Wednesday, July 1, launched what’s being touted as a “revolutionary campaign” with the primary vision of fulfilling the following three objectives:

• Digital empowerment of citizens
• Governance and services on demand
• Digital infrastructure as a unity to every citizen

The Digital India – What it’s all about

In tune with the main objectives, the campaign aims to address two of the biggest issues of India through technology — bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and tackle corruption. In fact, as the PM took stage at the inauguration, he spoke about his dream of seeing the nation connected with high-speed digital highways in the near future, with even the poorest of the poor being connected. Till April, this year, 20,000 villages were connected to broadband Internet.

Following are some of the policies and projects that were announced at the event:

1. Digital Locker System: It will allow the sharing of e-documents through registered repositories across agencies.

digital india- digital locker

2. eSign Framework: It will allow an Indian citizen to sign any document online using his or her Aadhaar card authentication. Aadhaar cards comprise of a unique identification (UID) number, much in line with the US’s social security numbering system.

digital india- esign framework

3. Online Registration System: It will act as an e-Hospital and allow enquiring availability of blood, online diagnostic reports, online registration and payment of fee.

digital india- e-hospital

4. National Scholarship Portal: It will provide end-to-end scholarship solutions such as student applications, verifications, authorizations and disbursals.

digital india- scholarship portal

5. Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) mobile app: It is a mobile application that will help citizens and government organizations alike to achieve the aim of Clean India, a campaign that was introduced by the Modi government, last year, with a mission to clean the streets and infrastructure of 4041 towns across India.

6. Bharat Net: It is the world’s largest rural connectivity project that will connect all 250 thousand Gram Panchayats (local self-government organizations of Indian villages) of the nation.

Top Corporations back Digital India

Leading corporations of India including Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, the Aditya Birla Group, Sterlite Technologies and the Tata Group have extended their full-fledged support to the Digital India Project. On the inaugural event itself, investments worth 70.9 billion dollars was pledged by these industry biggies for the initiative, who also promised to create close to 1.8 million jobs in the country.

This demarche to familiarize every stratum of Indian society to the modern communication techniques will help solve several problems that have been plaguing the country for a long time. Let’s hope the Digital India Project reaches its goal and succeeds in empowering every citizen of the nation!


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