22 Jul' 15

Responsive Checkout – How does it add to your e-commerce experience?

ecommerce responsive checkout

The primary reason behind shopping cart abandonment is a complicated checkout page that does not offer a seamless experience to mobile users. Experts had already touted 2015 to be the year where mobile Internet usage would overtake desktop Internet usage. Standing on the brink of a paradigm shift, even search engine giants like Google have made it evident with its ‘Mobile Friendly Update’ that responsive design is the call of the hour. With over 50 percent of traffic to e-commerce sites from mobile devices, a mobile-first strategy in the form of responsive checkout can elevate the e-commerce experience of a mobile user and successfully turn him into a returning customer.

Canadian e-commerce website solutions provider Shopify’s adaption of responsive checkout has resulted in one of its merchants see the conversion rate jump from 58 percent to 65 percent. According to the merchant, this spike of a mere seven percent will actually result in over 10,000 dollars of extra revenue within a couple of months. Would you still want to disappoint your mobile customers and miss a great opportunity of increasing conversions?

What’s the big deal?

Who doesn’t like shopping on the go? However, the checkout page where one has to fill out the payment details and view the cart summary demanded customers to scroll horizontally, thus disrupting a smooth shopping experience. With responsive checkout, the fluid layout effortlessly fits the limited screen size of any mobile device and keeps the touch motion to the standard horizontal movement.

What’s more? Well, there’s a lot that responsive checkout can do to your e-commerce website for enhancing the customer experience. Following are some of the prime reasons to embrace the change:

1. Fast Checkout: Yes, we just talked about the effortless navigation flow that heightens the shopping experience of a customer. However, there is more! Entering information becomes a lot faster and thus, the one-page checkout succeeds in saving 30-40 seconds per purchase. Not just in mobile devices, personal computer (PC) users also report experiencing a better checkout process.

2. Effective Store Branding: Subtle changes including adding a logo, changing the background color or updating the tint of the Call to Action (CTA) button in the checkout page can go a long way in effective store branding. With responsive checkout, these changes are easy to carry out with just a few clicks!

3. Enhanced Security: Any change in the checkout process gives nightmares to merchants who worry too much about security. Like reputed global banks, Shopify uses Level-1 PCI compliant security that is as tight as anything can get!

Over all, the very fact that an e-commerce site fits the screen size of every mobile device along with providing an unruffled checkout experience holds the power to increase revenue in no time.

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Sougat Hajra

Global Delivery Manager

Sougat is the Global Delivery Manager with Code{UR}Idea. He is an expert with e-Commerce- development, deployment and design.

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