14 Dec' 15

ROI-Driven SEO With Code{Ur}Idea – How Does It Work?

ROI driven SEO

What’s the point of investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services if you are not getting the desired organic conversions? With Google focusing more and more on user experience, it’s futile if your hired marketing agency fails to integrate Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) into your SEO campaign. And this is exactly where Code{UR}Idea, the digital marketing branch of Shield Watch IT & Web Services, can become your perfect partner and help you leverage the best of both these worlds. We believe in measurable SEO services, which enable us to exceed clients’ expectations and deliver top-notch ROI every time.

Wondering how we make this possible? Take a look at our three-stage strategy that enables us to drive qualified SEO that converts:

1. Collaboration in Keyword Research

Why bother going after high-ranking keywords amid a cutthroat competition? What you actually need are keywords that not only bring traffic, but also convert. This is why we love bringing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) data to the table in order to strengthen our keyword research. We start with the Google Keyword Tool, and then, cross- refer the results with SEO ranking data and internal SEM conversion. Once the results are in hand, we target high-conversion keywords that lie low on the first page of Google Results. Furthermore, we prefer creating a variation, as our efforts to build links around the same web or landing page using different anchor texts always yield excellent results.

2. Content Optimization

Any sensible SEO service company should be aware of the fact that an over-optimized content is bound to get penalized by Google sooner or later. Moreover, website visitors are smart these days, and they can clearly tell if any content is presented with the sole purpose of improving rankings. This is why we make sure that detrimental elements such as keyword anchor text stuffing, unnecessary overuse of header tags, and repeating the same keyword, are taken out of the action plan immediately.

3. Internal Link Optimization

Broken internal links is a major issue faced by websites today. And it’s really bothersome for visitors to land on a webpage that gives out a 404 error. Faulty internal links not only hamper the conversion rate, but also de-values a website’s authority. Therefore, we make it a point to optimize the overall architecture of internal links and fix the issues as soon as possible. Added to this solution is the way we love to deviate from traditional keyword targeting practices. We make sure that our targeted keywords match the content or title of a page. And this, as you know, is actually the best way to help searches find you online when they search with relevant phrases.

We offer you the opportunity to use our custom SEO plans, along with our standard practice of offering ROI-driven SEO. Our custom SEO package is tailored to suit the unique requirements of your website. So fasten your seat-belts and enjoy the ride – your journey with Code{UR}Idea is going to be worth remembering.

Planning to boost your organic traffic and conversion rate with cost-effective solutions? Contact us here.

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