18 Mar' 16

Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak – Tips To Market Your Startup

Market Your Startup Tips

Have you seen the recent Oscar nominated movie Joy? It is a biopic on a woman who builds a million-dollar industry only by selling her creation, the ‘Magic Mop’. There is a section in the movie where the protagonist visits the QVC to pursue its Executive for selling this mop. Although the board members roared out in laughter watching Joy promote her product, the Executive, however, liked it and allowed her product to feature in the ‘Celebrities Sell Entrepreneur’s Product’ show. Unfortunately, the first commercial failed because the celebrity was unable to connect with the viewers. But Joy decided to take the stage and promote it all by herself. She began to communicate all the wonderful reasons to use her mop, and explained how it can help clean anything, quickly. That is when her product was recognized and her ‘Magic Mop’ reached the epitome of success.

So, the point is, it is not only the product that is important. The idea behind it or brand positioning should be equally appealing. What is that one thing in your product that can separate it from the others in its category? What is that one ‘story’ about your item that you would want your consumers to know? And most importantly, WHEN and HOW Should you deliver these little pieces of information so that your target audience gobble it up like freshly fried chicken nuggets? Allow us to show you the way:

  • Before you go gaga about your new product, hold your horses. Think logically. Why should a consumer spend on a product from a new company? Features? Ah, right! But what they really care is its usefulness. Let’s go back to the movie. Joy was successful to get the attention of the viewers only when she started citing her real life experiences on how the mop has helped her to clean broken glass particles without hurting herself and her children or how she could clean the corners of the ceiling using the extension feature.

Moral of the story:  You need to connect to the consumers emotionally rather bombarding them concrete ‘solutions’.

  • If you search the Internet, you will come across a number of studies on the average human attention span. Some say, it is only five minutes, whereas some state it is more than about 20 minutes at a time. Don’t get confused. Test yourself! Watch a boring YouTube ad that comes with the ‘Skip Now’ button. Check for how long you can concentrate and note the moment you press the button. See the time span and now frame your pitching speech accordingly. Remember, your dialogue for the first few seconds is the bait; if you hit the bull’s-eye, you sell.

Moral of the story: It’s important for
your brand positioning that you weigh each of the word you speak about your product.

  • Remember the man who started his business from the garage and turned it into a giant company? Of course, Steve Jobs! When he used to address the audience for revealing the new Apple product, it used to be interactive. There was a smile on his face, which made him receptive. When you are marketing your hard-work, look happy and smile.

Moral of the story: smile and sell, yes that’s the age-old practice!

You know your product lexicon well, but your consumers are still unaware. So, stop using your jargons and untangle complex diagrams to make them understand the product. Follow the KISS policy: Keep It Simple and Stupid. Give yourself just 60 seconds to pitch your idea and if you find the consumers are still interested, keep the ball rolling and that’s, ladies and gentlemen, is brand positioning. Contact us for more information and we will tell you how to KISS. Mail us at info@codeuridea.com.

Suman Chanda

Business Analyst

Suman works as a business analyst with Shield Watch. From pin to pencil, he is the person we go to for everything!

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