08 Jun' 15

SEO? Nope! — The Rise of Social Content

seo vs social media

Social media boom has brought about a paradigm shift in the digital marketing space. Search engine optimization has acquired a social angle and Search Content Marketing (SCM) as a new discipline is slowly taking shape. We find out how marketers are reaping benefits from these new trends.

Everybody wants to finish tasks on a perfect note. For Google, perfection lies in providing end users with the relevant, informative content that they would want to share with others, presumably via social media platforms. For the search engine giant, inability to deliver the most relevant content relating to a particular search is a case of job not done with perfection.

Google, a perfectionist that it is, therefore goes on rolling out newer algo-updates, in an effort to provide still better result for its audience. In the process, the internet giant is chucking out the stuff that are irrelevant, counterfeit, or far from unique. For Google, to be good, content needs to have the ability to trigger extensive community interaction.

Consequently, social media metrics are increasingly influencing the search ranking. Social signals now occupy a bigger part in Google’s scheme of things (read Google algorithm). Google makes it quite clear that social sharing – through shares, tweet, re-tweets, and comments – is what makes your content relevant, and fit for top ranking. Traditional SEO practices like external links, keyword density and link-building are fast being driven out of the equation. The practice of creating and distributing keyword-embedded contents that was primarily aimed at obtaining ‘backlinks’ to a website, is fast losing its significance.

Well, backlink is passé, social is in. To be effective, your marketing strategy needs to be fortified with solid social elements. For the marketers, ultimately it is all about creating buzz in the virtual world and there are precisely three ways you can achieve it:

• Create great blog contents to attract the attention of a large audience. They will enable you to build up an opt-in audience. Now turn them into loyal followers in your social pages.

• Invest time and efforts to research your industry. This will enable you to razor sharpen your target audience, subsequently enabling you to give your contents the right orientation.

• Leverage traditional public relation tactics to publicize your brand in social media.

All these point toward the importance of creating original content with loads of fresh information, because, content is still the king but it is the cumulative forces of multiple social channels that reinstates its superiority in the virtual world. Focus on creating content that your target audience wants. Brainstorm to identify the areas where you can add value for your audience. Weave your content around these themes. Besides improving your site’s ranking on the search page, it will also reinforce your brand’s position in the market.

Madhubanti Rudra

Content- Contributor

Madhubanti is an avid follower of the tech happenings across the world She helps our clients create content for their projects.


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    Dan Willis, June 9, 2015 at 9:21 am Reply

    Good article but do you really think backlink is passé?

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      Code{ur}Idea, June 10, 2015 at 8:01 am Reply

      We believe, unless it’s an authentic and high value backlink, it’s not worth. If one can manage to acquire relevant and quality backlinks, it works. However, we believe in natural backlinks.

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