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We build awesome iPhone apps! Are you ready?

Want to sell a vacation to Disneyland or Broadway tickets or perhaps some organic tea? Our tech experts and creative team will develop, design and even maintain a customised mobile app for your business/ service line so that you reach out to the whole bunch of iphone/ios users out there in an instant. Yes, tapping your target audience with iOS mobile app development that we build for you is indeed just a click away.

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Well, we wouldn’t just create a mobile phone application for your business and leave it for you to deal with it on your own. We will also market and manage it, and provide complete service solution to make both your as well as the user’s experience a pleasant one.

What we do:

IOS development
  • Design a killer app to suit your business offerings, keeping in mind both the challenges and the opportunities thereby consolidating in a palm top what your customers are exactly looking for.
  • Looking for cross-platform compatibility? We develop cross-platform apps for iOS instead of limiting your reach to one platform. Our efficient team of iOS mobile app development can do that for you, too, and all this with secure back solutions.
  • Design an app that stands out from the crowd. No run-of-the-mill logos, no done to death colour counters or mind-boggling interfaces. We are not here to confuse your customers. Instead, our app will make their lives easier with simple navigation counters. We believe in simplicity with a purpose.
  • Research is an integral part of our iOS Mobile App Development solutions. Our data analytics team has a thorough understanding of market needs and will enable to drive data that grab user eye balls. We know what engages customers, keeps them hooked and what really ticks them off. Yes, we even provide you numbers that help rethink business decisions, implement plans and boost revenue.
  • Marketing your app is important to get customers hooked. From planning an uber cool launch, promotions, generating downloads and app store syncing, we manage it all for your app to be out THERE and set your cash registers ringing!
  • Update and maintenance of an app is as important as developing an app. Remember, customer is the king and if your app acts fussy, buyers will not shy away from shifting their loyalties to your rivals. From monitoring user handling habits, fixing bugs, providing customer support to updating your app with latest trends and tech versions to tap changing markets and user needs, once we have developed your app, you can sleep at peace while we nurture and maintain your li’l baby.

We are playing with iOS 8!

We are making killer apps with iOS 8. Better user experience- customized for you with deeper access to iOS capabilities.

iOS 8- Endless possibilities to ‘Code ur Idea’. We will help you to get the best out of iOS 8 and do more with your app.


With iOS 8 you can build apps that can be shared to more places. So, it’s really east to share images, videos and content on social media networks.


Now you can watermark docs, assign photos to contact, print documents and translate languages with your iOS app.


No need to switch between apps to check out the notifications. Now you get get all your notifications under ‘Notification Center’ to engage better with your apps.

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