27 Jun' 16

Shield Watch Enters the MSPmentor 501 List

Mspmentor 501 Global List

The research firm Gartner defines a managed service provider (MSP) as an entity that delivers a plethora of IT services across a network.  Although these services make up the backbone of any MSP service offering, a ‘pure play’ MSP may also offer services  from other providers, namely the application service providers (ASPs), Web hosting companies and network service providers (NSPs). And you pay only for the services that you use, and you use only those services that your business needs. By no means it’s compulsory that you avail of all the services that the MSP company has to offer.

Be it the ‘pay as you go’ pricing system or the comprehensive nature of the offering, the world is showing interest in managed service provider (MSP) business model.  MSPs in North America reportedly generated a whopping $154 billion revenue during 2014.  Indeed, managed services are the big deal now, and being in the league of top players in this sector is even a bigger deal. Nevertheless, we have made it to the Big League of MSPs, with MSPmentor, a Penton Technology-backed MSP-focused guide, placing us in the 378th position among the world’s top 501 IT MSP Companies.

How do you define companies that find their way into one of the most prestigious global ranking of the world’s leading MSPs?  Well, they have to be, by MSPmentor’s high standards, nimble, adapting to the changing need of  time, and built for speed. As you can guess, not just any company can fit the mold. Understandably, for us too, making it to the MSP MENTOR 501 GLOBAL LIST of MSP COMPANIES has not been a cakewalk at all. The ranking was awarded only after a rigorous CPA review of our books and tax returns. The ranking process, which involves painstaking research and analysis, took some nail-biting, nerve-wrecking months to complete. But our inclusion into this prestigious list has compensated for these disquieting months.

It will be worthwhile to mention here that taken as a whole, the companies on the 2016 MSPmentor 501 list amassed a combined $9.82 billion in recurring revenue (based on 2015 results). In terms of their geographical locations, 86 percent of companies on the list this year hail from North America. Another 10 percent are based in Europe, the Middle East or Africa (EMEA), and another 4 percent are from Asia, Australia and New Zealand (AANZ).

In his congratulatory note to Team Shield watch, our company CEO Pratik Roychoudhury said that he hoped this honor is one of the many to come in the years ahead. “We should not rest on our laurels but keep moving forward and keep working hard and staying humble. In the famous words of Steve Jobs – STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH, STAY HUMBLE”,  Roychoudhury said in a statement.

At Shield Watch, we do share our CEO’s optimism, and we are working toward making his dream come true.


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