09 Dec' 15


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What it means to our clients?

The holiday season is here! And it seems that we at Shield Watch had an early visit by Santa. This time the old fella got us the Google Partners badge.

Launched in Q4 of 2013, the Google Partners program offers support, training and resources to help its trusted partners succeed online. There is little wonder that every digital agency wants to become a Google Partner. The perks are many, and we are not even talking about the coveted Google Partners badge. For our clients it means more precise and streamlined results in the near future.

But the real question is, who can be a Google Partner?

Not everyone.

In order to be a Google Partner, a digital marketing agency needs to have Google certified employees, provide a competitive advantage and quality service to its customers, and manage its clients’ paid marketing expenditure of at least $10,000 every 90 days.

Yep, we are happy.

But why should our clients celebrate too?

Being a Google Partner means we have officially become a trusted, AdWords-certified business partner of Google. See that cool badge? This means you as our present or future client can expect a host of great things. Some of these are as follows:

• Expert advice from our team of Google AdWords certified analysts and account managers
• Expertise in dealing with AdWords features such as ad extensions, broad match modified keywords, and split testing with AdWords.
• Efficient handling of YouTube advertising features such as demographic targeting, video remarketing, and call to action overlays.
• One of the first few to access all the cool applications developed by Google (Complete access to Google’s beta features comes with benefits).

What’s more, Google will constantly review our client accounts to check for optimal conversion rates at a higher ROI and lower CPC. The bottom-line is, your business couldn’t be in safer hands.

So if you are interested in taking your paid marketing campaign to greater heights, feel free to contact us here.


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