18 May' 16

Social Media Marketing Trends And Technological Innovations For 2016 And Beyond

Social Media Marketing Trends 2016

Ever wished you had a magic wand that would let you always have one finger on your customers’ pulse? Well, with over 2 billion users around the globe and counting, social networks can offer you just the tool you have been yearning for – from keeping tabs on where your customers are hanging out to what they’re saying, these networks let you get an inkling of which way the wind is blowing. So, there is no question of keeping social media out of your marketing mix. In fact, not assigning it a special place of honor in your marketing strategy can be suicidal.  However, with an ever-growing, diversified audience, social media marketing is getting more and more complicated each day. Marketers must keep up with the trends so that they know which ones to hug and which one they would rather leave behind.

We have identified four social media marketing trends that you need to follow through the upcoming months of this year:

Specialized Social Sites Are on the Rise

Social media sites are becoming increasingly more innovative when it comes to connecting the users. In the process, many of the ‘smaller’ sites are giving their more established big brothers a run for their money. Take beBee for example. By helping connect 3rd degree connections, this affinity networking site is challenging the monopoly of Facebook and LinkedIn, the platforms that tend to unite 2nd degree connections.  Periscope, Meerkat and  Storehouse also deserve special mention in this context.

Social Advertising Is Shooting Up

Spending on social media advertising reached $23.68 billion worldwide in 2015. Nearly all the platforms responded to this surge by ramping up their R&D activities. Obviously, these are geared toward letting brands reach more customers at the right time.

Promoting Multiple Level Connections

With several new social media sites offering multiple level connections, it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to keep their personal and professional profiles segregated. With users’ career and personal lives often spilling into one another, these networks are spinning out more important connections that businesses can leverage to expand their user-reach.

E-Commerce is Getting More Social through Word-Of-Mouth Publicity

Social media already hold huge influence on the consumers’ psyche. With online stores banking more on organic visibility, social platforms are focusing on finding cheaper and smarter ways to reach their customers. Getting people to talk about their products means a huge boost for their campaigns. This explains the rise in the word-of-mouth publicity. As part of this strategy, companies are increasingly leveraging ’employee social advocacy programs’, which are nothing but making your own people talk, write and share about your company’s brand story. If stats are to be believed, word-of-mouth publicity promotes eight times more engagement than official company-branded marketing.

Social media landscape is fast evolving. Cash in the latest trends to expand your brand visibility. Need more insights on the subject? We can help. Get in touch with us here.


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