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28 Mar' 16
digital marketing strategy for startup

Are Your Digital Marketing Strategies Based On Customer Experiences?

How would you feel as a kid if instead of getting a G.I. Joe, you got a trip to your grandma’s house? Bummer! Maybe your mom meant good, but obviously wasn’t thinking of what you were expecting at that moment.

Are you sure you’re not being your mom when it comes to strategizing your start-up digital marketing plan?

Why Is Customer Experience Important

For startups, user experience should be an integral part of their digital marketing strategy because it takes into account all aspects of a customer's interaction with their brand, products or services. There is a differenc

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05 Jan' 16
email marketing tips


Startups or small businesses can reach out to their prospects right away with effective email marketing. When it comes to email campaigns for business, it’s the most proactive way to convey your message to customers. When an email enters a recipient’s inbox, the receiver will definitely go through the message. What he will do with the message depends on the quality and engagement level of an email newsletter. Here are five email marketing tips to drive more engagement.1. Create an Interesting Subject Line The first impression is the last impression. And, this rule holds true when it comes to the subject line of your email messages. Records show that 43 percent of people who have received an email open it

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