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29 Feb' 16
ecommerce blog tricks


“Who has time to read blogs?”, said no e-commence website in their right mind.E-commerce big daddies such as eBay, Home Depot, Forever 21, and Jabong are maintaining e-commerce blogs religiously. They are using their blogs to serve their customers hot company scoops on everything ranging from exciting, new deals to high-profile hiring. If you are an e-commerce start-up that thinks creating blogs for your small audience is simply a wastage of time and money, think twice. Blogs can be a great story-telling tool as much for you. And, not blogging may keep your small audience small, for ever. Blogs on the other hand will help you grab your audience's eyeballs quickly, will entice them into sharing your content, and subsequently h

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30 Jun' 15
E-commerce Website

Is your E-commerce Website doing enough for your business?

Anybody can get an e-commerce portal built, but that doesn’t ensure revenue. The main task is to drive in traffic, and generate leads. Globally, B2C e-commerce sale is expected to hit 2.356 trillion dollars by 2018, and if you feel your e-commerce website isn’t doing much for you to be able to grab a part of that pie, it’s certainly time to buckle up. Recognize the flaws, get them fixed and you will see the cash registers ringing.

In order to reinvent your virtual store, find out the answers to the following five questions and boost your bottom line:

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