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21 Jul' 16
brand identity

How to Design a Website That Boosts Your Brand Identity

Your company's website design is not about just throwing a few colors, adding graphics or uploading chunks of text. The design must reflect your brand's persona. When designing your business web pages, ensure that the colors, graphics, visuals, content and navigation are geared towards the enhancement of your brand. Your website is an essential part of your business presence, and so it must be in sync with your brand image. Here are five ways you can build a website that establishes your brand and sets it apart from the rest.Colors and FontThe colors and fonts you use in your website must complement your brand's persona. For example, if you own a kid's store selling toys online, use bright shades of yellow be

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04 Apr' 16
online branding campaign

Make Your Brand Sound Human- Key to a Successful Online Branding Campaign

Almost 90 percent of consumers who interact with a brand on social media feel inclined to talk about it in their network, but wait! There is a catch – they do so only if they can relate to the brand. And when do you think they relate to a brand? When it speaks the language of a friendly human.

A brand-marketer's job is to lend a human voice to your brand, while also representing your organization. And that calls for subtle balancing.

Here are five tips on how you can make your brand sound genuine:

1. Set a Conversational Tone

Online bran

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