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20 Jul' 15
Bahubali- The case study

Baahubali – How social media added to its box office success

When international leading dailies including The Guardian gives an Indian film, that too originally made in a regional language, four stars, there ought to be something spectacular about it. Well, we are talking about SS Rajamouli’s recently released magnum opus, Baahubali, touted as the most expensive film that the country has ever produced. That it has clocked in 300crores ($48 million) worldwide in barely nine days at the box office is old news. What’s more interesting, apart from the film itself, is that this Prabhas, Tamannah and Rana Daggubati starrer managed to achieve this feat without going overboard with aggressive marketing campaigns – yeah, no shoving down of paid-and-planted news down our throats, no nauseatingly i

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08 Jun' 15
seo vs social media

SEO? Nope! — The Rise of Social Content

Everybody wants to finish tasks on a perfect note. For Google, perfection lies in providing end users with the relevant, informative content that they would want to share with others, presumably via social media platforms. For the search engine giant, inability to deliver the most relevant content relating to a particular search is a case of job not done with perfection.Google, a perfectionist that it is, therefore goes on rolling out newer algo-updates, in an effort to provide still better result for its audience. In the process, the internet giant is chucking out the stuff that are irrelevant, counterfeit, or far from unique. For Google, to be good, content needs to have the ability to trigger extensive community interaction.

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