15 Feb' 16
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For the uninitiated, the designation called ‘CTO’ could create quite a mystery. Especially for start-ups that are trying to keep afloat. With CTO’s hyped reputation from the years long past, start-ups might see them as IT whiz, the know it all, the go-to guy, yada yada. But what about the huge pay-check they take away every month? This is like a dead-end for start-ups.

What if we said it’s time to pass the baton? What if we can prove that the CTO needs to be plutoed?

Game, are you?

What does the CTO do?

From A to Z of IT- a CTO is supposed to manage the IT and automation of an entire organization. CTO or Chief Technology Officer of a company understands the corporate responsibility of an assignment and analyses the technological requirements of a Company. Then there’s technology, applications, and policies to get things done. So, there’s no denying the fact that the CTO is an indispensable part of an organization.

On a second thought, is he?

Come to the Point!

Ok. Here’s the deal.

What if we say, the job of the CTO can be taken care of for half the price? From maintaining your IT infrastructure to managing your applications, what if we say that we have a solution to all your IT needs under one roof? How about outsourcing your IT, the whole of it?

We know, you’re wondering, how can an already controversial model like outsourcing possibly replace the CTO?!

What if we offer you outsourcing with a twist? How about- Rightsourcing?

Just think about it— Rightsourcing can take care of the entire job role, responsibilities of a CTO but for a much lesser cost! From monitoring your hardware, network connections to managing your servers, system security, software, applications and catering to your web development and marketing requirement- Rightsourcing is a wholesome solution for your organization.

What does it offer?

Offering Better Resources: IT Engineers, Software & App Developers, Data Scientists and Digital Marketers with years of expertise that helps Small & Medium Businesses leverage their IT Infrastructure to drive measurable short term sales boost while building long term business value. From senior resources to US based project managers- dedicated to your project at a cost that’s even less than a CTO’s salary!

Real Time Reports: Transparent reporting systems, project management tool and tracking software— it’s just like having the entire operation running at your own work space!

24*7 Support: It’s not like outsourcing. You’ll always have us to fall back upon. Project managers based in US, within your reach, in your time-zone and operation center in India through the night provides you a round-the-clock support system.

IT Support & Maintenance– Comes with a pro-active IT management service line that takes care of all your IT issues. Proactive IT helpdesk and live tech support. From hardware repair and maintenance to avoiding IT exigencies- isn’t it an answer you’re looking for?

Software Support: For all the expiring licenses, dying software, new software, the ones that require development from scratch, customization and integration- from maintenance to management and development- our software roadmap is a carefully crafted keeping in mind the unique requirements of your business.

Saving Money: And you get all this for half the price that you are spending for the CTO!

Do you still want to pay for the CTO? Do you?

If not and if you think rightsourcing is the right way to go, drop us a line at info@codeuridea.com.


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