29 Jan' 16


future of mobile advertising

Be it start-ups, big shots, industries, local or global brands, all are investing more of their time and money on researching and employing mobile advertising strategies. Today, customers use mobile apps to shop, pay restaurant bills or book movie tickets with the simple tap of a button. From mobile marketing and mobile sales mechanism to mobile wallets and reward-based advertising programs, businesses have now realized the benefits, and are figuring out how they can leverage mobile marketing. Read on to learn about the present and future opportunities the mobile has in store for you.

Mobile as a Sales Tool

The mobile platform has now become an effective sales tool to drive more efficiency, engagement and real-time information for making informed decisions. According to industry experts, you need to set up content in the right way to let users access your information. Quality content not only educates, but also makes it shareable with others. Gamification is now creating new interest and an enhanced level of engagement to boost your sales efforts. This way, your customers actually take pleasure in the overall sales experience.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets like Google Wallet or Apple’s Passbook are now the buzz word. More and more businesses have realized its benefits, and embracing and offering this tool to their audience. Brands are keen to integrate mobile wallets to their checkout page to derive some noted benefits. Some of these benefits include ease of use and implementation for your business, buyers and store associates. With mobile wallets, you can also effortlessly bridge the gap between your online and offline marketing efforts.

Reward-oriented Mobile Marketing

Reward-based mobile marketing is the in-thing as brands are shifting from conventional advertising to new formats such as in-app experiences or native content. Today, mobile shoppers can be recompensed for their time or attention with exclusive content, virtual currency, virtual goods or services.

So, What Does The Future Hold?

The future of mobile advertising seems quite promising because developers and brands will collaborate as partners to provide an outstanding user experience. Quality will be more important while quantity will take the backseat. Users will no longer be annoyed with display ads in the days to come.

Sharing useful information via mobile devices, apps and platforms will create a pleasing user experience for your target audience. Mobiles or smartphones will serve as a powerful tool in the armory of brands and customers. Need more information or assistance with mobile app development? Feel free to contact us here.

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