12 Jun' 15

Top 10 Tips for Magento Web Development

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Are you a budding e-entrepreneur for whom soaring traffic and spiking sales have always remained an elusive dream? Take cues from the bigwigs like Samsung, Lenovo or Ford, and use Magento to power your online store.

Robust, feature-rich, open source and backed by an extensive range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), this e-commerce-platform has taken the world of web development by storm. No wonder, the platform currently commands a whopping 25.6 percent market share. Want to try Magento? Well, first hire a competent web developer with proven experience in Magento web development. However, do not stop there. Develop a basic understanding of the platform, so that you can intervene where your development partner lags. The tips below will come handy:

1. Create a custom theme to add business-specific functionalities but don’t mess with core Magento theme files.

2. An array of extensions and plug-ins, both paid and free, are available for Magento website development. For example, you can use the Manage Ratings feature to add more rating criteria such as quality of a product, speed of delivery and the likes.

3. Activate the Admin Actions Logging section to record specific actions in the log file in real time. This will let you detect and fix content uploading issues as they happen.

4. Document unique codes and make sure they are properly backed up. You can refer to them when you need some improvements on your codes in future.

5. An increase in organic traffic will lead to higher sales volume. Make the most of the platform’s SEO features to attain a higher ranking in the search engine results pages.

6. Do not forget to add responsive elements to your site. Magento allows you to overwrite all the elements – fonts, colors, background themes and so on. Take advantage of this feature.

7. The Tier Pricing feature allows you to price items differently. Use it to offer incentives to customers that make bulk purchases.

8. Make use of the Customer Group Pricing feature to display different prices for different customer segments such as retail, wholesale etc. It does not require any alterations such as template modifications or layout changes.

9. Leverage its Product Alerts section to build up a loyal clientele, as it helps you send alert notification to customers whenever you refurbish your stock or launch new products.

10. Measuring website performance is important because it lets you identify and rectify the coding loopholes. Use tools such as Apache JMeter, Siege, http_load or Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool to evaluate Magento website performance.

Now that you know how Magento can boost traffic for your online store, hit the marketplace right away for a competent web application development partner.

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