24 Mar' 16

Top 5 Technical SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Performance

Technical seo tips

Running a business online? Got strategies and campaigns figured out? That really secures your online marketing success, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately, no! You really need to zoom in on your website performance before hoping to outsmart your competitors and get all the exposure. Sure you have used all the good bits of backend and frontend programming to build your site for best performance. But, you cannot forget about search engines and their influence on your website. No need to panic, because with top 5 technical SEO tips, you can safeguard your site from unnecessary complications and be in the good books of search engines. Let us check these tips out for a quick and precise implementation.

Optimize Your Content

Your web content needs to attract the attention of both search engines and visitors. Otherwise, your site will not get indexed and you won’t find the exposure you deserve. So, how to make search engines like your content? No, not by stuffing keywords in the copy, but by creating content that the target audience need for information. Maintaining content quality, while checking up on broken links, meta-tags, and title tags should be a priority for you. Adding images or videos is also a great idea to keep things interesting. Focusing on inbound links, crawl efficiency, and keyword usage will only create a pattern and make it hard for you to present your business as a unique entity. So, be unique and produce content that can intrigue clients.

Make your Site Responsive

Your website will never outperform your competitors unless you explore all the avenues of business platforms. Smartphones are aggressively taking over the online business world. So, it is definitely the time for you to claim your place in there. Making a separate website for mobile access is a big ‘no-no’, as two similar sites could confuse search engines and dethrone you from your search rank. Using a responsive design and keeping fonts under 12-14 px while buttons under 44px would be wise. Adding viewport meta-tag for precise content presentation is also one of the best technical SEO tips you can use. Other than that, putting high-res images and using YouTube for on-site videos can keep things fast and fluid.

Use Social Media to Understand Clients

Always being within an earshot of your clients is a great way to build a relation and assure repeat business. Since everyone is now on social media sites, it is important for you to have a presence there. Social media makes it easy for you to understand your clients’ preference through their interaction and posts. Creating a presence in the social media is one of the easiest, cheapest, yet result yielding SEO tricks. What else do you need?

Title, Descriptions, and Tags

With more and more business entities crowding the Internet, you cannot afford any chink in your armor. So, keep things like meta-title, descriptions, and image alt tags in check. Meta-title and descriptions are the best ways to advertise what you have in your site. Search engines and web visitors both appreciate their availability. Alt tags are for images and they explain what a respective image or button would do. These tags help screen readers browse the web a lot easily. So, keep them on and get support from search engines.

Blog Presence Can Really Help

Integrating a blog segment in your website can help you by offering a platform where you can put new information regularly. You can use keywords in your blogs, and get exposure. Plus, by updating your blog, you can bring more followers than ever, building and improving your reputation with ease. You can share interesting information through your blogs in the social media to build a long list of repeat visitors to your site. Having a blog platform lets your clients comment on interesting blog subjects. Engaging clients in your site increases exposure with assured business lead generation.

Managing reputation and building a successful business in the online world is tough. But, with these top 5 technical SEO tips and suggestions, you can avoid making mistakes on the path to success. We can help you out. Contact us for more information. Mail us at info@codeuridea.com.

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