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Technology trends are like fashion craze. And, just like the way you look for a cool, funky ‘Game of Thrones’ T-shirt with a catchy slogan or women’s costumes fresh from the street, you need to watch out for the latest e-commerce startup trends. Oh yes, it’s 2016, and you need to figure out what the e-commerce world has to offer to your business. Based on a report by Forrester, customers are expected to shell out US$327 billion a year on account of online shopping by 2016. So, catch up guys to stay abreast of the current developments in e-commerce. Here are the top 7 e-commerce startup trends to stay relevant:

1. Smart Content to Connect with Your Audience

Today customers don’t just want your products; they want to know how your merchandise will make their lives simpler. This is the reason you must create rich images, explainer product videos and comprehensive product guidelines to persuade your customers buy from you.

2. Multi-channel Shopping

The greatest benefit of multi-vendor ecommerce sites is that they sell a plethora of items from varied sellers under one roof. No matter how many items your customers buy, they would like to make a single payment on the checkout page. That’s why shoppers prefer sites like Amazon which offers multi-channel shopping.

3. Leveraging Beacon Technology

With beacon, it’s easier to integrate online and offline technologies. It works when a customer’s smartphone or tablet searches for a beacon. Companies are now offering mobile deals when shoppers walk into a physical store while their smartphone receive the signal to attract a customer with lucrative deals.

4. The Power of Mobile Shopping

With the rise of mobile shopping, you need to design websites that offer smart touch-control options, high resolution and smooth navigation for an impeccable shopping experience. According to Kissmetrics, one-third of the total online shopping were made on mobile devices during the festive season of 2013.

5. Marketing Automation

As far as marketing automation in ecommerce is concerned, it’s about custom landing pages, easily accessible shopping carts, personalized promotions and discounts and auto display of relevant items for your customers. Automated recommendations are based on what a shopper purchased or clicked before when browsing your website.

6. Real-time Analytics

Tap into real-time analytics to understand how customers are using your website, which products they like the most or how long they stay on a specific product page to make quick, strategic decisions.

7. Flash Sales

You can consider flash sales for your loyal customers. For instance, if 800 users are navigating your store, you can increase sales possibilities if you run a flash sale pop-up for your shoppers. Flash sales are popular among regular customers especially during the festive season.

E-commerce is evolving. So, take your business to the next level by factoring in these trends. If you need assistance with e-commerce startup trends or e-commerce startup services, contact us now.

Radhagobinda Das

Radhagobinda is an e-Commerce Associate with Code{ur}idea. He takes the e-commerce trends seriously enough to include it in our e-commerce strategies.

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