10 Jun' 16

Twitter New Feature 2016 – How Will It Help Your Business?

Twitter New Feature

Your business was already tweeting a lot, but now you can express even more with the 140-character tweets. In the months to come, Twitter new feature 2016 will change the way you engage with your audience and help your business. How? Read on to get your answers.

What’s Changing?

Enabled Retweet Button: When the Retweet button is enabled on your own tweets, you’re free to Re-tweet, and even Quote Tweet if you would like to share some product or service-related upgrades about your business. Retweet something that you feel is worth your customers’ attention and which went unnoticed previously.

Replies and Media Attachments: Your tweets will no longer take up precious characters if you use @names while replying to your customers. You’ll be able to attach images, videos, GIFs and polls to interact with your prospects. They will no longer be included in the character count. It will make your interactions with your potential and existing customers more direct and simpler. You no longer need to cut back on words to make sure that your business message reaches an entire group.

Bid Adios to “@”: Say goodbye to “@” that people use now to promote their message to a broader audience. Now tweets that start with a username will be disseminated to all your fans and followers.

No Character Restrictions: How Good for Your Business?

With Twitter new feature 2016, engage more and have a more meaningful conversation with your audience. New business updates will be easier to post on Twitter with no character restrictions. Instead of posting a link to your company’s blog, post a more descriptive and purposeful tweet to improve engagement. Instead of requesting your customers to email you, respond with a long and significant tweet.

More diverse and creative options will make companies embrace Twitter’s new features willingly. Be it replies, retweets or descriptive text, there seems more potential for your business to grow. If you need further assistance to manage your company’s social media pages, contact us now.


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