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Ubercart Or Drupal Commerce: Which One To Choose For Your Online Store?

Ubercart Or Drupal Commerce

As per latest figures, with approximately 47,000 installations to its credit, Ubercart seem to be gradually taking the thunder away from Drupal Commerce which has nearly 45 percent less downloads at 26,000 installations. Well, Drupal Commerce certainly has its own set of theatrics but Ubercart seem to be offering some cutting edge possibilities that are making it the cooler cousin. Wondering which to resort to go when building your ecommerce site? For the novice, let’s first tell you what each of them actually offers. Both open source solutions, with big brother Ubercart you can build your shopping cart very quickly, and it has all that you need to initiate selling online. It comes with several modules, meeting your business requirements. Drupal Commerce, often called the reboot of Ubercart, thanks to Ryan Szrama, Ubercart’s lead developer who went on to become the lead for Drupal, helps build e-commerce websites and applications of different sizes, too, integrating content, commerce and community. Much like Ubercart, it also brings e-store owners increased traffic and better results. There are some deciding factors below while choosing Ubercart or Drupal Commerce for your online store.

Ubercart Vs. Drupal Commerce

Understand the difference between the two e-commerce solutions, and take a prudent decision.

Product Management: Ubercart is simple to use as it treats each item as a same node. The diverse features of any product, be it color of a shirt, or the size of a bag are all treated as characteristics of the nodes. Drupal Commerce, on the contrary, has varied nodes for every merchandise combination. Say for instance, you sell shirts with sizes L and XL with colors white, blue and purple, in Drupal Commerce, you will need to create six different nodes. Complicated, eh? With Ubercart, however, the process of shipping and tracking will be easier for store owners because they have the product variation as a single node. This reduces the possibilities of errors associated with an order.

Learning Curve: Ubercart has an easy learning curve compared to Drupal Commerce. The former is fundamentally simpler while the latter has more complexities pertaining to the concept of any product. Buyers often find Drupal Commerce difficult to understand in terms of product visibility.

Shipping and Payments: With Ubercart, store owners can select from an array of payment and shipment methods and modules while Drupal Commerce lacks this versatility. For instance, you can’t make payments using Google Wallet. You will need to install additional modules for that.

Documentation: Drupal Commerce has improved documentation than Ubercart. The process for the former focuses on the fundamental configuration steps for novices, architectural documentation for users who are in the intermediate level, and purely technical for advanced developers.

Configuration: For Ubercart, you will have to modify contact, address and currency, whereas for Drupal Commerce, you are required to check settings for product display configuration, pricing rules, payment methods and currency. Products can be easily created by using the administrative interface, but the items won’t be automatically noticeable to those (users) who are on the front end.

Which One to Choose?

There is no one-solution-fit-all answer to this query because every business is different, and demands different solutions. If you own a small boutique and you can presume your cart site to be simple and small, opt for Ubercart because it’s easy to use, implement and manage. Drupal Commerce is best suited for long-term projects and apt for users who are technically quite sound and can handle intricate maintenance cycle and programming process.

Analyze your business requirements and then choose Ubercart or Drupal Commerce accordingly to see which of the two e-commerce solutions meet your expectations.

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Global Delivery Manager

Sougat is the Global Delivery Manager with Code{UR}Idea. He is an expert with e-Commerce- development, deployment and design.

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