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Soon after the launch of Windows 10 on July 29, Satya Nadella (centre), the CEO of Microsoft tweeted from his handle ‏@satyanadella, saying, “Honored to celebrate with #Windows10 fans in Nairobi and meet the next-generation of innovators! (sic)”

Following the release of Windows 10 on Wednesday, July 29 amid much fanfare, like a proud mum, tech biggie Microsoft gushed on microblogging site Twitter, saying, “The best Windows ever is here… (sic)”
In the world of technology, claims and reality rarely match. However, going by the initial reviews of Microsoft’s Windows’ much-awaited OS version, billed by its maker, as ‘the last version of Windows’, looks like, it is already a hero. It has not only met the expectations, but also exceeded them on many aspects by bringing back the best from Windows 7 and 8, perfecting the areas, where it went wrong, thus exhibiting a classic example of how a company can learn from its past mistakes, and introduce right amendments. Can’t hold your excitement? Here are the 10 highlights of this all new OS that will sure to blow you mind:
1.One Windows for All Your Devices

Armed with this latest innovation, called Continuum, Windows now translates its vision of one OS for all devices into a reality. Offering a centralized location for all your apps, Continuum ensures that you enjoy a seamless experience across touch and desktop. Microsoft’s equivalent of Apple’s ‘Handoff,’ this new feature lets you start from exactly where you left on one device and continue it on another.
2. Fast, Secured, Password-Free Way to Log In With Windows Hello
Windows 10 will recognize your face and greet you by your name, when you will try to log into the system. Alternatively, it allows you to log in through fingertip sensor.
3. More Personal Interaction with Your PC
In its official blog, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, Terry Myerson said that in a connected world, human-machine interaction should be natural. Windows 10 accepts myriad inputs including voice, pen, gestures, and even gaze to facilitate a natural incretion with your PC.
4. Best of Both Worlds
Indeed, Windows 10 is a reincarnation of version 7 and 8 – it brings back the Start Menu from 7 version, and implant live tiles of Windows 8 onto it.
5. Find Right Information at Right Time With Cortana
Cortana Personal Assistance, a native feature of Windows Phone, now comes to Windows 10 to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. This is going to give local search a boost.
6. Better Browsing Experience with Edge
Quickly browse, read, mark up and share with Edge, its brand new browser that slick, simple and focused on utility. It even enables you to mark web pages.
7. Stay Organized With Snap and Task View
Be it switching between apps with a click of mouse or pinning your apps to the sides or corners of the screen, Task View and Snap let you do all of that with complete ease.
8. Take Control of Your System
By bringing all notifications about your system in one location, the Action Center feature allows you to manage your system easily. Changing to tablet mode or changing brightness level becomes easier, too.
9. Store, Access, Share Documents Anywhere, Anytime
One Drive Storage finds a place of pride in Windows 10, facilitating a better document management, sharing and easy access.
10. Heightened Xbox Experience
Stream games that run on your Xbox One to your PC or any Windows 10-powered device with the integrated Xbox app for an extra-ordinary gaming experience.
Should You Upgrade To Version 10?
Well, if you are already happy using Windows 8, then there is no reason for you to not embrace Windows 10. Want to play safe? Daniel Bean, editorial assistant of Yahoo Tech has the right answer to address your dilemma. Here’s what he wrote on the company blog: “If you can deal with a few oddities here and there and you’re frustrated with Windows 8, then by all means upgrade now. But if you depend on your Windows computer on a daily basis and it’s working fine for you, you should hold off until everything is a little more polished.”

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