11 Jul' 16

Some Useful Mobile Apps to Make Your Everyday Life Easy

Mobile Apps

We love our smartphones. And why won’t we, these tiny devices run a considerable part of our days (and nights), while we gleefully glide through life. However, to be frank, smartphones are not solely responsible for the problem-free lifestyle that greets us every day. They serve only as a platform, while the heroes behind the curtain are apps. It is no news to us. We know how useful mobile apps save our time, effort, and money. But the app world being so huge with crazy new ideas at every turn, finding the top useful ones can be a challenge for us. But, we cannot let the great apps slip past us while we are busy. So, we have done the research for you and created a list of apps that can be the friend (or assistant/exercise trainer/shopping assistant) you desire for everyday life.

Wordswag—For social butterflies Wordswag can be the ultimate tool to present their creativity. From creating your own graphical posts to adding cool fonts to it, Worsdswag has everything in its inventory. It has an easy to use interface and allows both iPhone and Android users to unleash creativity with a click.

IFTTT— Relax! It is not a government organization. It stands for ‘If this, then that’. For the uninitiated, this command allows you to string different commands together creating a multi-action program. IFTTT allows you to connect your favorite news sites, office calendar and more to one platform and get notification of every update. This complete alerting system is easy to customize and allows you to access social, official, and personal info on your smartphone.

Pocket— Searching through the websites to find that article you lost yesterday is not much fun. But you know what is? Having an app that can save up all the articles, news posts, videos, and recipes for you to read at your convenience. That is what Pocket does. It even has offline reading features that come handy when you have to take that long tunnel route while reading the favorite piece.

Shazam— Remember the times when you can hear a  faint tune, but can’t quite understand what it is? We know that feeling. Crazy, right? With Shazam in your phone app library, you can pick that tune’s origin in a jiffy. Plus, the app will bring you the latest trending tracks to keep you humming all the time.

Venmo— If you hate going through online banking platforms to send money, Venmo can help you pick a simpler way to do it. This app allows you to send and request money instantly. You also get a messaging platform attached to the transaction framework.

These are a few useful mobile apps, designed to simplify your daily life. When selecting an app consider your needs first before being fascinated by the app features. Check the reviews of the apps before installing and you will find the best ones easily.


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