25 Sep' 15
Social media marketing with vine

Rumor has it that micro-blogging site Twitter invented Vine to encourage creativity among its users, but marketers were quick to lap the idea up. These micro-video apps soon took the cyber world by storm and why not? It’s creative, it’s crisp and it’s fun, too! Vine’s short span makes it fit for social-media sharing with its loop mechanism ensuring that you can watch a video a number of times before hitting the ‘off’ button. Many big-ticket brands such as Sony, Honda and Adidas have leveraged this six-second video-making tool to spice up their campaigns. Now, if that’s already started to tickle your fingers, quickly read the following five effective ways to know how you can actually make BIG a difference with these TINY six-second wonders.

1. Promote Your Product

When all you have is six seconds in your hand, it’s prudent to make the most of it without beating around the bush Use Vine’s ‘Time Lapse’ feature to highlight the strongest points of your product and titillate your audience, much like how American clothing major GAP did it. Watch its vine here and take your cues. And yes, do not forget to weave into your post a link to your website’s landing page. After all, that is where you want your audience to head to.

2. Entertain Your Audience

Vine’s stop-motion feature lets you add some quirk to your video content and take the big leap from being boring to funny. Leverage this. If you want an idea about how to do it right, have a look at this Dunkin’ Donuts’ Super Bowl Vine, which the American coffee house chain launched a couple of years ago to promote Dunkin’s coffee cups.

3. Demonstrate

Show your product in action through a short how-to Vine. Demonstrate the different ways your product can be used. This will help your audience understand your brand better, and perhaps take a decision in favor of it. You can get some creative inspiration from the cookie brand Oreo that demonstrates in less than six seconds, a fun new way to have biscuits. Watch the Vine here.

4. Enhance Engagement with Brand Advocates

Give voice to your satisfied customers by encouraging them to post their own videos of the products they have used and enjoyed. This would be a great way to engage with customers and foster brand loyalty.

5. Announce Upcoming Launches, Deals And Promotions

Use a Vine video to get the word out that a new product or some special deals are coming up soon. Watch here how the American fast food chain Taco Bell used it to create the right hype about its new product, Cool Ranch!

how to vine

With a 40 million strong audience, Vine comes out as a powerful tool to reach your potential customers. Are you ready to include Vine in your social media marketing mix now? We can help you get started. Contact us here.

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