18 Apr' 16

What’s Your Email Marketing Campaign for Reducing Cart Abandonment?

email marketing campaign

That slack-jawed look on your face is totally valid when even thousands in advertising, smart call-to-action systems, and sharp marketing strategies have no effect on cart abandonment. No, God has nothing to do with it!

You would be surprised to know that the current cart abandonment rates float around 59 percent. That’s the 59 percent more revenue that just slipped out of your hands. How to solve this problem? Well, putting more money in advertisement won’t do, that’s for sure! But have you thought about an email marketing campaign? Put in simple words, it means contacting your clients who left their carts and letting them know you appreciate their visit. And, offering them a something that would lead them straight to the checkout, can add a more personal tone to the transaction.

Wait! That’s it?

Well, yes you might not know that more than 44 percent of cart abandonment e-mails get repeat attention AND more than 29 percent of these emails result in purchase recovery. So, having an e- commerce e-mail marketing strategy just for those clients who could not or did not go through the checkout process can be the best shopping cart abandonment recovery system. How to design this strategy and plan an email marketing campaign? Let us break it down for you.

Other Things Can Wait! Shoot the Mail First

Why? Because even after your clients have abandoned their cart, they will still be fiddling with the ‘to buy or not to buy’ question for a few moments. Your mail containing a very personal invitation back to the site can lead clients to purchase. Research statistics show that sending e-mails within the first 20 minutes after abandoning the cart can bring more than five percent conversion rate on an average.

But, remember the longer you wait, the more will be the chances of your clients moving on to a different product or worse, to a different site. So, stay sharp and work on a shopping cart abandonment recovery system.

Add a Catchy Invitation Line

Good subject lines can make all the difference. In order to design one, you need to focus on making it personal by adding the clients name in the subject line. You can add a sense of urgency by putting offer expiration dates. Being witty never hurts, so try to use humor (like: You have got a stalker! And it is your shopping cart) to recover purchase orders.

Put Image of the Product

Seeing what they have left behind can push people to make a different decision this time. Do not forget to add details with the image. It will help your clients understand what they are missing out.

Put a Quick Checkout Button

Makes sense, right? You would not expect your clients to navigate through hundreds or thousands of products to find what they have selected. That almost never happens. So, add a button sending them directly to their shopping cart, so that they can check out in less than a couple of minutes. Put words like ‘here I am’, ‘claim what’s yours’ and the likes on the button to make it smart.

These are the primary components that you must keep in your email marketing campaign to reduce cart abandonment. Plus, adding reviews of the products, or showing images of the related items can also improve your chances of coaxing your customers to hit that checkout button. In case you are stuck and need a customized email marketing strategy, we are right here.

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