08 Feb' 16


video marketing strategy 2016

Video marketing strategies were a big hit in 2015. Zooming in on marketing messages and adding entertainment to the sales pitch. Sure it’s a great idea. After all, who doesn’t like entertainment, right? But, with creative strategies acting as business spearhead these days, companies, especially the start-up entities, need something more sensational in the video marketing sector to stand out. That one element you need to make your videos viral is not a hot model. It is a creative strategy that will build an image for your brand and help people love it. So, let us try to sponge up the 2016 trends in video marketing and prepare a plan to get that shiny apple on the top of the marketing tree.

Be Original and Playful

Video marketing is not about bringing in huge budgets and using latest effects to make the content look cooler. It’s about sending a message in a unique way. So, being original does help in this situation. Sure, there are many companies that are selling the same or somewhat-similar services and products as you do. But, there is always a new way to add a personal and unique touch to your marketing pitch. Try to be simple and approachable to your clients. Simplicity and playfulness will go a long way.

Create a Social Presence

Social media platforms are the best options to get in touch with your target audience. Sharing your engaging content in here will surely bring you exposure. You would be surprised to know that video presentations in the social media platforms have increased by 94 percent in the US and 75 percent globally. But, do not go after all the existing social media sites to reach a bigger audience. You need to build a connection with your audience, peddling your marketing message to the masses can play against that purpose. As you are a startup, you do not have to worry about reaching the far end of the world for clients. Building a small but active fan following can be just as much helpful.

Be Informative and Short

As we have said before, the purpose of video marketing should be making a connection with your clients. So, it is better to be less promotional and more informative. Give away ideas, tips, and tricks to bring in more people to watch the content. Humans have short attention span, and if anything, internet has made it shorter. So, you need to create a short and engaging video.

These are three simple yet promising strategies for your video marketing in 2016. But that’s not the end. You can employ many more interesting strategies to engage your audience. Want to learn more about it? Contact us here, today.

Abhishek Bhattacharya

Digital Marketing Manager

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