04 Mar' 16
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Being a start-up generally leaves you with a lot of questions. Why? Because you are new and obviously are not very confident about which way to go. Luckily we have the answers to most of your IT related queries. Read on if you are asking yourself any or all of the following:

• Can IT services for start-ups help my business to grow?
• How do I align my IT expenditure with my business priorities?
• What would be my go-to-online strategy?
• What would be my right fit technology solution?
• How to leverage the emerging technologies like cloud computing to maximize IT ROI?

Perhaps you are in need of a comprehensive start-up IT solution? Lucky you. Because right from building up a scalable infrastructure and managing communications and network environment to attracting more customers, our startup IT solution is designed to give you a leg-up in a competitive space. Here are the seven key aspects we offer:

Product Consulting and Design

Effective product development and commercialization is the first step to building a market presence. For ambitious start-ups following an evolutionary development path may be inadequate Only game-changing products powered by the latest technologies and service models can be the Red Bull for your business.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

• Assistance from expert technology team
• Innovative design and development
• Quick solution to your IT need, no matter which sector you belong to
• Relevant expertise in healthcare, automotive, education K2 communications, legal, construction, manufacturing, franchise businesses, and more.
• One-stop product development service
• A detailed road map including initial conceptualization, design and development, supply chain set-up through to ongoing support.


What if you have a few hardware and software items in your scheme of things but have no clue how to use them to your profit. Or worse still, you are clueless what to include in your IT shopping list?
We can help:

• Our Information Technology Architecture will provide you a blueprint for effective utilization of the technology assets in your organization
• Our technical architects make sure that all your technological decision-making and investments are tuned to your company’s business strategy
• We provide the necessary guidance on the process of planning, acquiring, upgrading and deploying IT resources throughout the organization

Talk about hand-holding and it rarely gets any better.

Technology Selection

Remember that good old M&M slogan ‘Melts in your mouth, not in your hand’? Your technology solution should ideally be like that: offer you what you want it to. But, with so many similar kinds of products available in the market, the choice does become a bit difficult. But hey, as Adidas would put it, ‘impossible is nothing’, because we will offer:

• Creation of (RFP), educating clients on the technology landscape, business case creation and validation, and a neutral critic of technology products available in the market.
• Guidance in procuring the technology that will give you the best value in the long-run, in terms of both efficiency and financial gains.
• Speeding up your technology buying decision, and also enabling you to choose the technology that provides the maximum return on investment to your organization.


IT budgeting is an important component of financial success of any business, yet most companies struggle to get it right. This often happens because the finance guys don’t understand IT. Oops, sorry Bob! We help you align the IT budget with the company’s strategy.

Graphic Design and Wireframes

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your teacher told that a hundred times, but were you paying attention? Well, you need to when you are in the online business, because there is hardly anything else that can score over a visually appealing graphic design. No, you don’t have to be a grade A designer, because we already are. Expect:

• Graphic designs that allow you to stand tall amid intense competition
• Wireframing, that makes the process of creating an app or website easier by building up the initial layout of a page without getting into design nitty-gritty.
• Rapid design iterations based on the understanding of your design requirements
• Creating functional and intuitive wireframes for you.
• If you are keen on using standard tools, we can help you pick one from a wide array of selection
• Combination of cutting edge technology, business logic and brand-driven design to create an excellent UX.

Software Development

We offer custom software, web application and mobile application development to a global clientele. Our start-up IT solution is tailored to meet international standards, geared to risk management and seamless work flow. We follow our own processes to maintain

• Strict adherence to quality
• Consistency in performance
• Meeting deadlines

Online Customer Support

While technology helps you to grow and manage your operations more effectively, it is also important to protect the technology assets. With clients becoming more demanding and increasingly mobile, ensuring an excellent service delivery model is becoming more and more difficult. Security requirements are also hugely varied across clients and industries. We provide the support you need to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery and non-stop business operations. We offer you:

• Online IT support, server and desktop backup, hosted email and applications and network support services for start-ups
• Data security
• Easy data retrieval when required.

With our secure services for start-ups, you can be rest assured that your sensitive data are always behind your own firewall.

Digital Marketing

Putting up a glossy store is just the beginning, the next step is to ensure a brand presence both online and offline. And for that you must coin the right marketing strategy for start-ups. Any marketing effort is geared toward an attract-engage-convert cycle. With people embracing online shopping in a big way, it has become critical for businesses to invest in establishing a huge brand presence. Our digital marketing and branding solution helps businesses get easily found and capture maximum eyeballs. Our comprehensive solution includes search engine optimization— both organic and inorganic— and social media marketing.

Why just enjoy hopping in and out of a muddy puddle when you can surf in the blue ocean? We can help your business to take that leap. To help you take the big leap, move out of your comfort zone and seize opportunities that would otherwise go unconquered. Contact us today for start-up IT solution to take your startup in the right direction. Mail us at info@codeuridea.com for more information.


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