13 Jul' 16

Increase Visibility In WordPress With Json-Ld

Wordpress With Json-Ld

WordPress happens to be one of the most important content management systems in the virtual world. A number of companies have used this to build their websites. These include TechCrunch, BBC America, Xerox and Reuters Blog. Experts also predict that there will be a 25 percent increase in WordPress integration. Although user experience is excellent, the concern of increasing search presence still exists. This is where JSON-LD can help.

The Change

Although the recommendation of JSON-LD was made in 2013, Google embraced it in January, 2015. With this integration, more contents are now indexable and this has further helped to increase visibility in the search world. JSON-LD helps to deliver more machine-readable data from websites, which is the reason behind the increasing visibility of the WordPress. Unlike the previous structured data used in SEO, this can be embedded in a <script> in the page’s <head>, rather than keeping it inside the page’s <body>. So now the structured data allows developers to easily organize and connect data, which has encouraged even Bing and Yandex to adopt it.

Its Importance

Websites that have used WordPress can harness more power with JSON-LD because machine-readable data get more web recognition with its special indexing feature. Other than these, here are some of the other reasons to use this plug-in.

  • It can be easily deployed anywhere on the webpage, including the head, using PHP
  • It is easy to understand
  • It syncs flawlessly with other markup formats
  • It can be implemented outside the presentation layer without messing the HTML

The result? Search engines can now understand your pages better than ever before.

If you want your WordPress sites to enjoy more visibility through JSON-LD, our developers are ready to give you a hand. Increase visibility, increase profit. What should your next step be? Contact us right away!


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